Morgantown, WV ranks as one of the best small cities in the country.

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Greetings, Morgantonian! If you’re new to the city, just moving in and getting settled, welcome. If you’ve lived here a while and are looking for information on residential services and municipal engagement, you’re in the right place.

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Whether you’re in town for a conference at the Waterfront Place Hotel, attending a WVU Football or Basketball game, or exploring the great outdoors, Morgantown is a city that has something for everyone.

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Within a 500-mile radius of Morgantown is one-half of the population of the United States and one-third of the population of Canada. Morgantown is one day’s drive from 6 of the 8 largest U.S. metropolitan areas, 20 metro areas with populations of 1 million or more, and 22 of the nation’s top 35 industrial markets.

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Morgantown shares its news in a semi-weekly newsletter, and neighborhood news monthly!  With City Council news and upcoming agendas, Neighborhood announcements, big events, schedules, calendars, and news from our website, the City is becoming mobile-first for those looking to be in-the-know about municipal news.

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What people are saying about Morgantown…

  • Very nice web site with interesting information. Keep up your good work---and work together ! Thank you.
  • Morgantown was great. We`ll be back!
  • Hi! Greetings from Germany. Great site, i heared about this from a student (hi Krystal) of your town. Visit my town too at: Best wishes
  • Was born and raised in Morgantown. My father was superintendent of the WVU Poultry Farm where we lived until He retired in 1965. (Watched it being burned down for fire training a few years ago) Had a great time growing up there. Swimming in Lawson’s Pond and hiking in the pastures and woods of the WVU Animal Husbandry Farm. We never could get the cattle to stampede like in the cowboy movies(:>) Went to Chestnut Ridge Grade School, Suncrest Flats Jr. High and MHS “63” and after the Army, WVU Art 1973. Watched the Med Center being built. I bet all the trees were trucked by our house. Watched Mechanical Hall (Old Engineering Building) burn. Have a few parachute jumps over the Green Bag Road. Landed in the East Oak Grove Cemetery for My first jump. Was there for the campus demonstrations right after Kent State. That is when the students had University & College Ave. blocked at Grumbine Island until the State Police came in riot gear and used tear gas. Took pictures for the “Monticola” 1968-1972 We would all go out to the airport Sunday after church to watch the plane “DC-3 Capitol Airlines” land. (Never try to walk across the main runway. They will come after you in a jeep. They don’t like kids to do that) Saw President LBJ come to the airport tower dedication. First attempted skiing at Chestnut Ridge Camp. also learned to swim there and at the Shack and also Camp Mountaineer, Troop 50. Could see Coopers Rocks from the farm and the snow on Chestnut Ridge. Climbed the old Sand Springs fire tower a few times. Even after they took the first flight of steps out, It was the tallest in the state. Still get out to Cheat View, Raven Rock and would like my ashes returned to WV and thrown off Coopers Rock when I die. I couldn’t be more proud to be a native of Morgantown and of the many others that call it home. I found out last year The president of MIT, Charles Vest, is from Morgantown, graduated from MHS and he has a mechanical engineering degree from WVU.
  • I grew up over there in Suncrest and spent many days building treehouses down in the ditches and ravines and now I write books and stories about the times I spent there in Morgantown, it was like no where else I have ever been. I spend my time up on Bell Mountain with my buddy Mark these days having some of that Cheat Wine when I am in town.
  • I am considering relocating to Morgantown this year. This is an excellent website for the city.