Morgantown, WV ranks

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small cities in the country! 


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Voted “Best Town For Foodies” 2016

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Greetings, Morgantonian! If you’re new to the city, just moving in and getting settled, welcome. If you’ve lived here a while and are looking for information on residential services and municipal engagement, you’re in the right place.

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Whether you’re in town for a conference at the Waterfront Place Hotel, attending a WVU Football or Basketball game, or exploring the great outdoors, Morgantown is a city that has something for everyone.

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Within a 500-mile radius of Morgantown is one-half of the population of the United States and one-third of the population of Canada. Morgantown is one day’s drive from 6 of the 8 largest U.S. metropolitan areas, 20 metro areas with populations of 1 million or more, and 22 of the nation’s top 35 industrial markets.

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Morgantown shares its news in a semi-weekly newsletter, and neighborhood news monthly!  With City Council news and upcoming agendas, Neighborhood announcements, big events, schedules, calendars, and news from our website, the City is becoming mobile-first for those looking to be in-the-know about municipal news.

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What people are saying about Morgantown…

  • I was born (1960) and lived in Morgantown on Huffman Road until I was 9, when I moved to Ohio. I`ve always missed Morgantown and looking at your site brought back many happy childhood memories - Austin`s Grocery, the Theater downtown, Chico`s Ice Cream Parlor, sledding at the University (my dad worked/taught there)... I also miss the mountains and beautiful scenery- Ohio is sooo flat!!
  • I'm about to leave Morgantown after having spent three and a half month in different fields of the community as part of CIP West-Virginia. I do not want to tell a long story about my most enjoyable experiences but I would like to say that I met the most open and friendly people here. Good luck to every citizen of Morgantown and Monongalia County.
  • I moved from Morgantown in June, I currently reside in Pittsburgh to go to school, and I can't wait to come home!!
  • I had a chance to visit your beautiful city in August of this year 2004. It is indeed a city of caring people, wonderful hospitality, and the mountains was breathtaking. Looking forward to the next time
  • Nice to see the town improvements I miss it
  • Been living here most of my 34 years. Went to High School at UHS Go Hawks!! Class of "92" Graduate. Was in regular Army last 10 years and a proud Army Vet of the Iraq war and am proud to have always called Morgantown my home no matter where in the world I served.