Morgantown, WV ranks as one of the best small cities in the country.

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Greetings, Morgantonian! If you’re new to the city, just moving in and getting settled, welcome. If you’ve lived here a while and are looking for information on residential services and municipal engagement, you’re in the right place.

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Whether you’re in town for a conference at the Waterfront Place Hotel, attending a WVU Football or Basketball game, or exploring the great outdoors, Morgantown is a city that has something for everyone.

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Within a 500-mile radius of Morgantown is one-half of the population of the United States and one-third of the population of Canada. Morgantown is one day’s drive from 6 of the 8 largest U.S. metropolitan areas, 20 metro areas with populations of 1 million or more, and 22 of the nation’s top 35 industrial markets.

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Morgantown shares its news in a semi-weekly newsletter, and neighborhood news monthly!  With City Council news and upcoming agendas, Neighborhood announcements, big events, schedules, calendars, and news from our website, the City is becoming mobile-first for those looking to be in-the-know about municipal news.

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What people are saying about Morgantown…

  • I was born & raised in "West-by-golly" Virginia and do miss being in the hills during fall when I can hike, but I love living so close to the Atlantic Ocean. I rasied both of my girls here, but they "like snow", so they go north to WV to see the snow! I came from Kanawha County, WV..East Bank, home of the Pioneers in 1969!!...(if any body remembers...the Great Jerry West...he graduated from the same school I did..EBHS...#44..I will sign off now.
  • I am looking at going to graduate school at WVU. The town looks great and I am really interested. My wife doesnt want to move far away from Utah but I think once she sees what Morgantown has to offer, she will change her mind. The city looks beautiful and a nice place to raise a family.
  • I am originally from New Jersey, and my wife is from Kentucky, but we have lived in the Morgantown area for over 15 years, first as WVU students, then as working singles, and now as a very happily married couple. We love living here, being active members of Chestnut Ridge Community Church and true Mountaineer fans! We think Morgantown has a lot going for it.
  • Very nice city website. For the size of Morgantown it is a very nice city. Love the pictures of downtown and surrounding areas. Keep up the good work on keeping your city neat and clean...while keeping the historic look also.
  • I grew up in Morgantown. I went from grade school through college and entered the Air Force. I'm very proud that the people of Morgantown, West Virgina have taken the time and effort to make this city a keystone for the state. Someday I'll return to be with the family and friends that I envy for living back home.