Rental Information


Establish minimum health and safety standards for Rental Housing as they relate to the condition, maintenance and occupancy of rental dwellings and are intended to ensure that rental housing is safe, sanitary and suitable.

West Virginia Building Code

The City of Morgantown adopted the State of West Virginia Building Code as promulgated by the Fire Marshal under West Virginia Code 29-3-5b. The State Building Code and its application within this City shall be subject to Legislative Rules adopted by the West Virginia State Fire Commission and authorized by the West Virginia Legislature.

Housing Codes

The adoption of the Housing Code in 1979 requires all rental property, or property offered for rent, within the corporate city limits of Morgantown to be registered with the City. They are inspected once every 3 years under the I.C. C. property maintenance code. These rental units must make corrections to any code violations found within 20 days of the on-site inspection or face citations, condemnations or both.


Prospective occupants may check with code enforcement to find out if a rental unit is registered, has a letter of compliance, type of occupancy and the number of people allowed to occupy the rental unit by calling 304-284-7401.

Occupants as well as property owners may report a concern online.


To verify a rental property is registered with the City, please call Code Enforcement at 304-284-7528.

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