Morgantown 15

Morgantown 15 Live Stream

Morgantown15: Morgantown's Government Access Channel

Morgantown15 is available on COMCAST Xfinity Channel 15 and 1084. You can also now live stream Morgantown 15 over the web above. Citizens can watch live meetings and replayed meetings throughout the following week. Morgantown15 also provides notices of local government sponsored events, public service announcements and meetings on the Community Bulletin Board. Please submit concerns for Morgantown15 through the Citizen Request Tracker. You can find a program listing at the bottom of the page. If you would like to submit an item for inclusion on the community bulletin board, please send your request to


The mission of Morgantown15 is to make local government more accessible to the citizens of Morgantown. By providing a direct link between the local government and its residents, Morgantown15 informs and educates the public on the functions of the municipal government. Morgantown15 is maintained by the City of Morgantown’s Communications Office, which provides government access information for the residents of Morgantown and the surrounding area (Comcast Cable System).

Rebroadcast of Meetings

Channel 15 provides live broadcasts and replays of the following meetings:

    • Morgantown City Council
    • Morgantown Board of Zoning Appeals
    • Morgantown Planning Commission
    • Morgantown Traffic Commission
    • Morgantown Land Reuse and Preservation Agency
    • Morgantown Utility Board (MUB)
    • Monongalia Morgantown Metropolitan Planning Organization (MMMPO)
    • Monongalia County Commission