To resist favoritism and to let new companies get the same opportunities as our usual vendors, any estimates that the City of Morgantown is seeking can be found below.

Office Furniture - Executive Chairs of Council Chambers


About 10 chairs


Can be with or without arms, arms must fit under existing desks (29 inches), no wheels or moving parts, Oxblood or burgundy in color, vinyl or leather in the style below. View an example.

Surveying Scanning & GIS Services

Company providing scanning service for field survey books (~200). If your company could provide any of the following services, please contact us:
  • Scan books
  • Convert bearings to coordinates
  • Input data into GIS or AutoCad

Scanning Documents

Company with the capability of scanning and organizing a large quantity of documents. Documents would be cataloged by date and subject. Secure data storage servers could be included in this project.