Bicycle Board


  • 6:30 p.m.
  • 1st Thursday of the month
  • Public Safety Building
    300 Spruce St.
    Morgantown, WV 26505

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.
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Voting Members (13 Filled of 17 Chartered)

Drew Gatlin
Chair, 3rd Ward
Chip Wamsley
Vice Chair, Greater Morgantown
Christina Hunt
Secretary, 3rd Ward
Matt Watson
K-12 Representative, 7th Ward
Frank Gmeindl
6th Ward
Harry Grandon
Greater Morgantown
Jonathan Nellis
Greater Morgantown
Marilyn Newcome
7th Ward
Bridget O’Meara
Greater Morgantown
Brian Ricketts
1st Ward
Jonathan Rosenbaum
7th Ward
Derek Springston
1st Ward
Jing Zhang
Greater Morgantown
2nd Ward
4th Ward
5th Ward
West Virginia University Student Representative


Christiaan Abildso
Morgantown Pedestrian Safety Board
David Bruffy
Mountain Line Transit Authority
Traci Knabenshue
West Virginia University Sustainability
Lieutenant Matt McCabe
Morgantown Police
Jenny Selin
City Council
Ryan Simonton
Alexandra Stockdale
City Engineering
Jing Zhang
Metropolitan Planning Office
Board of Park and Recreation Commissioners (BOPARC) Representative
West Virginia University Department of Transportation Representative

Bicycling Around Town

All Morgantown residents can enjoy bicycling safely and fearlessly anywhere, anytime, for any reason. Morgantown residents choose to ride bicycles for transportation as well as recreation. Our state and our nation recognize Morgantown for the benefits of bicycling to our health, our environment, our economy and our quality of life.

About the Board

As a committee of the Traffic Commission, the purpose of the Bicycle Board is to:
  • Work to make Morgantown a Bicycle Friendly Community as defined by the League of American Bicyclists so as to reduce traffic demands, afford better air quality, and improve public health
  • Make recommendations for improving signage, safety, capacity and facilities for bicycles on streets, trails or other land design or use which supports cycling
  • Advocate for the provision of bicycle travel opportunities to and from locations such as residential, employment, commercial, education, recreation and transit centers
  • Promote the development of safe bicycle routes to schools
  • Encourage use and enjoyment of bicycling and bicycle safety education in Morgantown