City-Wide Trash Laws

1139.03 Private Collectors Prohibited

Subscription to Municipal Service or City's Designated Independent Contractor Required. No person, except the city or its designated independent contractor, shall engage in or conduct the business of collection, removal or disposal of solid waste within the City. All persons and corporations residing in and doing business within the City shall be required to subscribe to, take and pay for the service provided by the Department of Sanitations of the City, or if the City so chooses, its designated independent contractor.

1139.05 Storage of Garbage & Recyclables

No person shall deposit or store garbage in solid waste containers unless such garbage has been prepared for collection. Lids shall be kept on garbage containers at all times. Garbage and recyclable containers are not to be stored in front yards or on front porches of residence on a regular basis, where said containers can be viewed by the general public.

1139.06 Delivering Solid Waste Upon Private Property

No person shall deliver solid waste to or upon private property.

1139.08 Littering

Permitting premises to become unsanitary or hazardous. No person shall throw, place or scatter any solid waste or garbage, over or upon any premises, street or alley, either public or private, or adjacent thereto, and either with or without the intent to later remove or burn the same; or permit from the accumulation of solid waste or garbage, any premises owned, occupied or controlled by such person, to become or remain offensive, unsanitary, unsightly, unsafe to public health or hazardous from fire.

1139.12 Accessibility of Solid Waste & Recycling Containers

Solid waste and recycling containers may be placed at their pick - up site no earlier than 6 p.m. on the day before the scheduled day of collection and all empty containers shall be removed by 9 p.m. on the day of collection.