City Brand Identity

The City of Morgantown logo is an important part of our brand and a valuable asset. It represents Morgantown city government and is the foundation of our visual identity. Letting organizations use our logo can imply that we favor or endorse them, which is one reason why we are very careful with its use. Please read and respect our logo usage guidelines, which have been developed to ensure a consistent presentation of our logo and associated colors.

Logo Use

Public use is allowed, but use by external organizations must be approved by the City of Morgantown Communications Department

To request use of our logo, please contact the Communications Department by phone at 304-284-7426, or by email at

Signature Logo

MORGANTOWN signature logo vector image

Alternate Logo

MORGANTOWN alternate logo vector image

Signature Logo - B&W

Morgantown signature logo in black and white.

Alternate logo - B&W

City of Morgantown alternate logo in black and white.


The Signature logo is the preferred format for all high visibility applications. The letter M and City of Morgantown, West Virginia text should always be blue, unless the entire logo must be one color. In those cases, use the black and white logo.The Alternate Logo may be used in some applications to save space. 

  • Don't alter, recreate, or crop logo artwork.
  • Logo must be uniformly scaled.
  • Don't reproduce the logo in colors other than those specified in these guidelines.
  • Don't add drop shadows.
  • Don't change the orientation of the logo.
  • Don't put text on top of the logo.
  • Don't alter logo fonts.

Brand Colors and Fonts

One of the most important components of the brand image is the color. Morgantown Blue, Dark Blue, and Gold have been established as our primary colors. Accurate reproductions of the City colors is essential. 

Morgantown Blue
Morgantown Blue Color Sample. CMYK: C-86 M-44 Y-5 K-0
RGB: R-0 G-124 B-185
Hex: #007cb9

Morgantown Dark Blue
Morgantown Dark Blue Color Sample.
CMYK: C-100 M-84 Y-20 K-5
RGB: R-0 G-65 B-133
Hex: #004185

Morgantown Gold
Morgantown Gold Color Sample.
CMYK: C-2 M-15 Y-78 K-0
RGB: R-250 G-212 B-86
Hex: #fad456

Logo Fonts
Roboto Bold

The zip files below provide three high-quality versions of the logo in eps, jpeg, and png format.