Draft Morgantown Annexation Plan

Thank you for visiting the City of Morgantown draft Annexation Plan webpage. The City of Morgantown is in the process of preparing an application for the annexation of 3.8 square miles in the Suncrest, Mileground, and First Ward Areas by a Minor Boundary Adjustment. On this page you will find information regarding the application including the annexation report and application and more.

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Are There Public Meetings Related to the Draft Annexation Plan?

The city held four public open houses throughout the month of July. At this time, there are no other scheduled open houses related to the draft annexation plan. The open houses were intended to provide residents and businesses opportunities to learn more about the draft annexation plan, the benefits of annexation, and the annexation process. 

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What Area is Included in the Draft Annexation Plan?

The additional territory contains approximately 12,830 residents and 367 businesses. The area contains approximately 43 miles of roadway. A survey of the territory is being prepared. The map below shows the current city boundaries
(in purple) and the additional territory being considered for annexation (in orange). 

To view an enlarged version of the map, and search for a particular address, click the square icon on the top right of the map. You CAN search for your specific address by typing into the search bar on the top left once the map is enlarged.

Why Should I Support Annexation?

A Stronger Voice in Decisions Affecting Your Community 

You can help determine the shape of your neighborhood, vote in city elections, and participate on local boards and commissions. Greater influence is gained for the neighborhood when you move into the City of Morgantown. The city has many citizen involvement programs and opportunities for your input that affect the health, safety, and environment of your community.

Lower Insurance Premiums

The Morgantown Fire Department currently has an ISO rating of 2 which is the lowest in Monongalia County. That rating places them within the top 5 percent of all fire department across the nation. A lower ISO rating can mean lower insurance premiums. You're encouraged to contact your insurance provider to see what savings you could receive from a lower ISO rating. 

Enhanced Police, Fire and Street Services

The Morgantown Police Department will protect and serve the territory. The MPD is a full-service, urban police department with 72 officers and 11 civilian employees. The average response time to service calls is 3.5 to 4 minutes. MPD offers specialized services, such as a Detectives Division and Special Response Team, not available through other agencies serving the territory.

The Morgantown Fire Department will provide fire protection services, plan review, and fire code inspection services to the area. MFD has 61 sworn personnel including 4 assigned to the Fire Marshals Division and 3 assigned to the Administrative Division. MFD's average response time for emergency calls with its primary response apparatus is 5 minutes and 31 seconds. MFD has an ISO rating of 2, the best among all county firefighting agencies. The Fire Marshals Division enforces the fire code within the city and investigate and charge arson and other fire-related offenses in which the office has specialized knowledge and training. These services contribute to protection of property from fire damage and ensure safety of residents.

City streets are currently on a 10-year resurfacing schedule, which is funded by the municipal service fee. Streets undergo a roadway condition assessment and, subject to staff and resident input, are scheduled for resurfacing according to condition and usage. The city provides resurfacing and larger sidewalk installation projects through an annual Street Improvement Project contract with outside contractors. The 2019 Paving Plan will expend $1.8 million to resurface portions of 21 streets and install several segments of sidewalk. The streets transferred to the city following addition of the territory would be incorporated into the resurfacing plan.

The city directly provides street cleaning services – through operating of street cleaning equipment and personnel services directly clearing streets of trash and debris, treatment of streets for weather events, and snow plowing and other clearing services with a dedicated Street Department staff.

Additional Benefits

  • Effective land use planning.
  • Access and funding for your neighborhood and community projects.
  • Better access to state and federal programs.
  • 24/7 online city services citizen request tracker.

How Can I Provide Comments on the Draft Annexation Plan?

While the official initial public comment period ended on June 30, we encourage the public to ask questions, learn more, and provide additional comments. You can email additional comments to info@morgantownwv.gov.

What is the Process for Annexation?

According to West Virginia State Code §8-6-5, once a resolution, annexation application plan, and land survey are completed by the city, the documentation is presented to the County Commission. Upon receipt of the application, the County Commission schedules a public hearing to consider input on the application. After the public hearing, the County Commission evaluates the application on 7 criteria. The Commission will enter an order stating the reasons for granting or denying the application on those grounds. If the application is denied, the Commission may also offer options to modify the application so it may be accepted. Any party affected by the Commissioner's order may appeal to the Circuit Court.