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The Arts and Cultural Development Department strives to enhance the vitality of Morgantown and the quality of life for all residents by supporting an environment where arts and cultural organizations thrive, artists and culture bearers are celebrated and supported, and people of all ages enjoy opportunities for expression and experiencing the arts.  

From the historic Metropolitan Theatre to the newly renovated Ruby Amphitheatre at Hazel Ruby McQuain Park, the City of Morgantown supports cultural programs and services of all kinds and for people of all ages.


Art Opportunities

Rentals & Reservations

Interested in renting one of our venues? Whether its a concert, wedding, or festival we are ready to assist you and make sure your event is something special.

The Metropolitan Theatre and Hazel Ruby McQuain Park are managed by the Arts and Cultural Development Department. For more information on events and activities at the park or for rental information and availability, please contact us.

  1. Arts and Cultural Development

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  2. Vincent Kitch

    Vincent Kitch

    Director of Arts and Cultural Development