What about the reservoir?

The drinking water reservoir in White Park was constructed in 1958 and has provided a portion of our source water ever since. Municipal drinking water is heavily processed and is monitored extensively for its potential to impact human health. The Morgantown Utility Board has decades of testing showing that the quality of the water sourced from the reservoir is some of the cleanest in the state. Testing of the reservoir has not indicated any contamination from the oil tanks. Unless future testing indicates potential contamination there are no immediate plans by the City to include the reservoir in the VRP process.

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1. What is a Brownfield?
2. What is the Voluntary Remediation Program?
3. Why is the City now taking the lead on cleanup efforts?
4. What is the cost?
5. What about the reservoir?
6. Are there any hazards to people currently using the park?
7. What is the timeline?
8. What about the Southside Trail?
9. What about the rest of the old tank farm?
10. Should I be concerned that my house or property is within the boundary of the old tank farm?