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Cultural Volunteers Application

  1. Are you applying to volunteer as an individual or family/couple/friend team?*

    Please submit one form per person and indicate the name(s) of the other applicant(s) and their relationship to you. (Teams will be interviewed, include name(s) and relationship(s).)

  2. Does this number accept text messages?*
  3. Are you age 18 or older?*
  4. Must be at least 14 years of age if volunteering as a team with a parent/guardian.

  5. Have you volunteered for The Metropolitan Theatre/Ruby Amphitheater/Morgantown History Museum in the past?*
  6. Which venue would you like to volunteer at?

    Select all that apply.

  7. Have you ever been convicted of or received a deferred sentence, deferred judgement, or a deferred prosecution for a petty offense, misdemeanor traffic offense, (excluding civil traffic infractions), municipal code violation (excluding civil traffic infractions), misdemeanor, or felony, or been adjudicated as a juvenile for an offense that is public record?* *
  8. Emergency Contact:
  9. Applicant Profile
  10. Are you willing to volunteer 1-3 times per month for a minimum of one year?*
  11. Are you able to meet the following requirements?*

  12. Stand for long periods of time (2+ hours)*
  13. Lift and carry 10 lbs. *
  14. Read tickets and navigate seating in low light *
  15. Understand and effectively execute written and verbal directions *
  16. Learn and utilize computerized ticket or thermal scanners *
  17. Commit and attend scheduled events and be on time *
  18. Follow directions from volunteer coordinator or house manager*
  19. Patiently and courteously assist patrons with seating and other issues*
  20. Evening and weekend availability *
  21. Adhere to professional dress requirements *
  22. Abide by current Policies & Procedures manual *
  23. Assist in emergency evacuation procedures and follow safety guidelines*
  24. Meet for in-person interview with The Met Theatre/Ruby Amphitheater/Morgantown History Museum staff*
  25. Speak to the public and convey enthusiasm for The Met, Ruby & History Museum events *
  26. Applications are considered for volunteer positions for which they have applied without regard to race, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, and other characteristics protected by law.

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