2013 Comprehensive Plan

What is the comprehensive plan?

A comprehensive plan is a community’s “blueprint” for the future. It is the vision of what a community wants to become and the steps needed to realize that vision.

Specifically it is:

·         An official policy document adopted by a local government. It’s the broadest policy document a community can have.

·         Used to guide decision-making on long-term physical, social and economic development of the municipality and its environs.

·         Comprised of policy statements, principles, goals, objectives, strategies and maps

·         Implemented over time through many distinct decisions including annual budgeting, department work programs, and development decisions.

·         Required by West Virginia state code for all municipalities that have zoning and subdivision regulations. Since 2004, the law requires plans to be updated every ten years.

Comp-Plan-CoverFull Plan, compressed
Cover, Table of Contents
1: Introduction
2: Regional Vision
3: Land Management
4: Transportation
5: Environment
6: Neighborhoods & Housing
7: Community Facilities & Services
8: Economic Development
9: Implementation
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C1
Appendix C2
Appendix C3
Appendix C4

Long Range Transportation Plan Map
Land Management Map
Pattern & Character Map