The City of Morgantown has many ways to communicate with its residents, but for someone who is new to getting involved in municipal government, here are a few notes to get you started.

Online and social media accounts are managed from City Hall, but do represent both the Council AND the Administration. They are a pair of separate bodies. The City of Morgantown Twitter and Facebook Accounts are always ways to ask questions and get quick info.

It’s worth mentioning Morgantown’s Council is voted in, but any resident can be a board or comm member! Openings here:

Read this information from the City Clerk about Your First City Council Meeting:

Morgantown City Council doesn’t have offices at City Hall, but you can always call and schedule an appt to talk to an Admin:

You can always have your voice heard a few ways: Use Morgantown Councilors’ email or phone. Find them here:

If you want to petition a City Council action, please read these guidelines to ensure that your efforts are not in vain:

You can submit a request about lots of things like parking, potholes, crime and more on Morgantown CRM:

You are always welcome at the City’s neighborhood association meetings. Find the meeting calendar here:

Or find your Morgantown neighborhood assoc. out of a list here:

This is the info you all want, though: here is a comprehensive look at how to get information from us & what is available:

But if you’d rather sign up and forget it but still stay informed, sign up for the enewsletter, send 3x a month:

Do you just have a question?  Check our FAQ and Assistance Memos.