Bicycle Board


The municipal Bicycle Board meets on the first Thursday of the month at 6:30 p.m. in the Public Safety Building Training Room.

Visit the Bike Board’s website.

file-extension-pdf-icon (2)Morgantown Monongalia MPO Bicycle Plan
file-extension-pdf-icon (2)Procedural Guidelines
Establishing Ordinance
Report sidewalk, crosswalk, street light, and street maintenance requests
WV State Code pertaining to bicycles
file-extension-pdf-icon (2)Morgantown Code Pertaining to Bicycling
file-extension-pdf-icon (2)Federal Highway Administration Guidelines Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices



All Morgantown residents can enjoy bicycling safely and fearlessly anywhere, anytime, for any reason. Morgantown residents choose to ride bicycles for transportation as well as recreation. Our state and our nation recognize Morgantown for the benefits of bicycling to our health, our environment, our economy and our quality of life.

As a committee of the Traffic Commission, the purpose of the Bicycle Board is to work to make Morgantown a Bicycle Friendly Community as defined by the League of American Bicyclists so as to reduce traffic demands, afford better air quality, and improve public health. Also to make recommendations for improving signage, safety, capacity and facilities for bicycles on streets, trails or other land design or use which supports cycling; advocate for the provision of bicycle travel opportunities to and from locations such as residential, employment, commercial, education, recreation and transit centers; promote the development of safe bicycle routes to schools; and encourage use and enjoyment of bicycling and bicycle safety education in Morgantown.


Would YOU like to make Morgantown more bicycle-friendly?

We are currently seeking members from:

Second Ward

Fourth Ward

Fifth Ward

WVU Student Representative

Time Commitment

Attend meetings on the first Thursday of each month from 6:30pm-8:30pm, plus time outside public meetings for projects and working groups.

What We Do

Influence decision-makers on bicycle projects and issues

Collaborate with other cyclists to improve the bicycling environment in the City

Secure funding and carry out projects that may take from a few months to a few years to complete.

If you are interested, please send a message to explaining why you would like to become a member.”



The Morgantown Monongalia Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) recently held an open house to get input on its Regional Bicycle Plan.  It’s now seeking participants in a survey about bicycling in the City of Morgantown and surrounding areas.  

If you cycle in Morgantown, please take 5-10 minutes to complete the survey.  Your input will be used to hone the plan before it is implemented in the Greater Morgantown area.  




Voting Members (13 filled of 17 chartered)

Brian Ricketts – 1st Ward

Derek Springston – 1st Ward

VACANT – 2nd Ward

Drew Gatlin (Chair) – 3rd Ward

Christina Hunt (Secretary) – 3rd Ward

VACANT – 4th Ward

VACANT – 5th Ward

Frank Gmeindl – 6th Ward

Marilyn Newcome – 7th Ward

Jonathan Rosenbaum – 7th Ward

Matt Watson (K-12 Rep.) – 7th Ward

Chip Wamsley (Vice Chair) – Greater Morgantown

Jonathan Nellis – Greater Morgantown

Harry Grandon – Greater Morgantown

Jing Zhang – Greater Morgantown

Bridget O’Meara – Greater Morgantown

VACANT – WVU Student Representative


Alexandra Stockdale – City Engineering

Jenny Selin – City Council

David Bruffy – Mountain Line Transit Authority

Jing Zhang – Metropolitan Planning Office

Lieutenant Matt McCabe – Morgantown Police

Ryan Simonton – Legal

Christiaan Abildso – Morgantown Pedestrian Safety Board

Traci Knabenshue – WVU Sustainability

VACANT – BOPARC Representative

VACANT – WVU DOT Representative


file-extension-pdf-icon (2)All minutes in .pdf format.

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The following Prezi was presented at the October 29, 2013 City Council Committee of the Whole Meeting.