Tree Board


Marchetta Maupin
(304) 284-7422

The Tree Board meets on the fourth Monday of the month at 4:30 p.m. in City Hall Council Chambers.  On odd months, it meets for work sessions, starting at City Hall at 4:30 p.m.

Agendas & Minutes
Mission Statement
Establishing Ordinance

See pictures from October 2013’s Arbor Day Celebration in the “Arbor Day” tab below!


(a) Advise and consult with the City Manager, or other staff designated by the City Manager, on any matter pertaining to this Article;

(b) Study the problems and determine the needs of the City in connection with its management of trees and shrubs and make specific recommendations to the City Manager;

(c) Work in collaboration with the City Urban Landscape Commission, the Board of Park and Recreation Commissioners, the Public Works Department, the Parking Authority, the Planning Commission, and other agencies and departments as needed;

(d) Review City plans and policies, when requested to do so by the City Manager, that contain matters relating to urban forestry, community values, and arboriculture;

(e) Recommend legislation regarding the community forest;

(f) Provide for the City Manager reports as requested and an analysis of annual budgets pertaining to the community forest;

(g) Develop a program for identifying and maintaining exceptional trees in the City and make recommendations to the City Manager and City Council for adopting such a program;

(h) Provide information regarding the selection, planting and maintenance of trees on public property;

(i) Facilitate the planning and implementation of public education addressing proper tree care and community forestry;

(j) Coordinate the City Arbor Day programs, grants, and other similar programs. (Ord. 11-46. Passed 11-15-11.)

Board Members
Brent Bailey (term exp. 11/15/17)
Dave Barnett (term exp. 11/15/17)
Dan Brown (term exp. 11/15/17)
Jonathan Cumming (term exp. 11/15/17)
Greg Dahle (term exp. 11/15/17)
Jon Weems (term exp. 11/15/17)
Nancy Ganz Council Liaison
Dave Davis (term exp. 11/15/19)

Arbor Day and Municipal Tree Restoration Plantings

  • Spruce Street Parking Garage
  • Garlow House
  • Wharf Street
  • WharfGarage
  • UpperMonRiverCenter
  • Jack Roberts Park
  • KreppsPark
  • MarillaPark
  • WhitePark Ball Fields – Hite Street, Mississippi Street
  • Stanley’s SpotDogPark
  • IndianPark
  • Burroughs Run – Aspen & Eastern
  • SuncrestLakePark
  • King St. Park
  • WilesHillPark
  • Evansdale Neighborhood – Dudley, Fairfax, Hawthorne, Rawley, Riverview, Vassar, Oakland
  • Greenmont Neighborhood – Green, Arch
  • SouthPark Neighborhood – Washington, Ash, Park, Grand, Simpson, Linden, Wilson, Demain, South Walnut
  • Suncrest Neighborhood –Laurel & Elmhurst, Kenmore & Fairlawn
  • Woodburn Neighborhood – Ridgeway, Monongalia, Rogers Beauty Spot on Richwood Avenue


Cool Communities Tree Planting

Morgantown Parking Authority Lot E


Memorial Tree Plantings

Hazel Ruby McQuain Park –

Roh Cherry Tree Planting

Dickey Sycamore Planting

Justin Hayduk Sycamore

High Street –

Garlow tree at Huntington Bank

Bicentennial Tree 1785-1985 at Masullo Cleaners

Mountaineer Heritage Park-

911 Cherry Trees & DAR Cherry Tree


Public Trees

  • ChestnutMiniPark
  • PublicSafetyBuilding
  • Morgantown Public Library
  • High Street, Pleasant Street, Walnut Street, Willey Street
  • WestoverBridge Gateway
  • Clay Street
  • Caperton Trail Entrance
  • Wharf Entrance
  • MountaineerHeritagePark
  • Grant Avenue Streetscape
  • MorgantownMunicipalAirport
  • Hart Field Sign

The City of Morgantown has been a “Tree City USA” for more than a decade.  Each year, the board organizes an Arbor Day celebration in the fall by planting of trees in an area of Morgantown.

National Arbor Day Foundation

Arbor Day 2014

Arbor Day 2014

Arbor Day 2013

Arbor Day 2013

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Arbor Day 2012

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Arbor Day 2010

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Arbor Day 2009

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Arbor Day 2006

The City Council of Morgantown named 2013 the Year of the Tree.  This year has been a celebration of our green neighbors, from January all the way through December.  Visit the Year of the Tree Page.

The Morgantown Tree Board participated in many ways, including marking each month with a different Tree of the Month.

Tree of the Month, by the Tree Board Local Examples
January Bald cypress (Taxodium distichum) Mountaineer Hertiage Park Dering’s Funeral Home
February Red spruce (Picea rubens) WVU Core Arboretum
March American Sycamore  (Plantanus occidentalis) WVU Downtown Campus, E. Moore Hall, planted 1819

April Redbud (Cercis canadensis)

South Park
May Red buckeye (Aesculus pavia) WVU Core Arboretum
June American Yelllowwood
Rail Trail/Wharf Garage
 July Northern Red Oak (Quercus rubra)
2013 Tree of the Month - July - Red Oak - detail
WVU Downtown Campus
2013 Tree of the Month - July - Red Oak 2

August Kentucky Coffeetree (Gymnocladus dioicus)
2013 Tree of the Month - August - Kentucky Coffee Tree detail smallest

WVU Core Arboretum2013 Tree of the Month - August - Kentucky Coffee Tree smallest

SeptemberSourwood (Oxydendrum aboretum)

2013 Tree of the Month - September - Sourwood detail smallest

Greenmont2013 Tree of the Month - September - Smallest

October – Red Maple

2013 Tree of the Month - October - Red Maple - leaf

2013 Tree of the Month - October - Red Maple

November – Blackgum (Nyssa sylvatica)

2013 Tree of the Month - November - Blackgum - leaf - smallest

Grand Street2013 Tree of the Month - November - Blackgum - tree from KP

December – American Holly

2013 Tree of the Month - December - American Holly - detail

Park Street2013 Tree of the Month - December - American Holly