Building Permits


Building Inspections Division
Code Enforcement Department
First Floor, Right Door
389 Spruce Street
Morgantown, WV 26505

Monday through Friday
7 a.m. – 5 p.m.

What is the purpose of a Building Permit?

The purpose of a building permit is to provide minimum construction standards established by the West Virginia State Building Code. These minimum construction standards provide safeguards for life, health, property and welfare by regulating design, construction, materials, use and the type of occupancy of all buildings. A building permit must be obtained any time a building or structure is erected, enlarged, altered, repaired, moved, converted, or demolished.

The Building Inspection Division is found in the Code Enforcement Office at City Hall on Spruce Street.  Enter the double doors, and the Code Enforcement Office is through the door to your right.

Click here to get a better idea as to how long it will take for Code Enforcement to review your permit application materials.

Building Permit Fees
Effective May 22, 2006 under 1705.19

The inspection fee established by this section shall be paid to the City, at the Finance Department, upon filing a request for inspection in the Building Inspection Department.

All applications for electrical inspection service are to be made in writing on forms provided by the City. Such applications shall be filed at least twenty-four hours before the inspection is made.


1 OR 2 dwellings $68/sq.ft. x .0025
3 + dwelling $64/sq.ft. x .0025
Additions $54/sq. ft. x .0025
Finished Basement $34/sq. ft. x .0025
Unfinished Basement, Porch, Carport $14/sq. ft. x .0025
Attached Garage, Unfinished $28/sq.ft. x .0025
Detached Garage, Unfinished Interior $20/sq.ft. x .0025


Retail, Office, Assembly $97/sq.ft. x .0025
Industry, Storage, Unfinished Interior $84/sq.ft. x .0025
Interior Finish $25/sq.ft. x .0025

In all cases, the amount of the permit fee shall not be less than $35.00.

Remodeling & Repairs

REMODELING AND REPAIRS OVER $250 (Labor and materials)

Building permits are required for interior and exterior remodeling or repairs, including out- buildings such as sheds.

Improvement Costs up to $1,000 $35.00
Improvement Costs over $,000 $4.50 for each additional $1000, or any part thereof.


All Demolition permits: $100.00.


First Reinspection $0
Second Reinspection $100
Third Reinspection $200


All fencing permits:  $30.00.


$5.00 per $1,000 of grading work.

Electrical Fees

No person supplying electrical power or current in this City shall connect with its supply or current wires or wiring or equipment within any building or other structure within the City, unless and until such wiring or equipment to be so connected shall have been approved in writing by the Electrical Inspector.

The City shall be entitled to the following fees for inspecting and approving any electrical wiring, apparatus, appliances or equipment hereafter installed in, on or appurtenant to any building or other structure within the City.

Permit Fee
Costs up to $5,000 $50.00
Costs over $5,000 $4.5 for each additional $1,000
Mobile Home Hookup $50.00
Re-inspection Fees
First Re-inspection $0.00
Second Re-inspection $100.00
Third Re-inspection $200.00

Site Development Review Fees

A fee schedule is established for the review of site development plans as follows:

Up to $200,000 value $75.00
For each $100,000 of additional value in excess of $200,000 $10.00 additional fee

The foregoing fees shall be paid to the City’s Finance Office at the time that a complete set of developmental plans are submitted to the Chief Building Inspector for complete review processing, prior to application for building or excavation permits.

Code Enforcement has also added the following Helper Pages to its website to help prepare applicants for what they will need to bring with them to City Hall:

New Construction
Deck, Porch, Ramp
Retaining Walls