Floodplain Administration

The Engineering Division is charged with regulating the City of Morgantown’s floodplain areas. The flood plain is defined as any area delinated on the Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) as a 1% flood area, more commonly known as the “100 year floodplain”.

To find out if your property is in the floodplain visit www.mapwv.gov/flood. If the red shaded area crosses any part of your property, that property is subject to the City of Morgantown’s Floodplain Ordinance.

Below are downloads and links to resources that are associated with development in a floodplain area.

Floodplain Application Application
non-conversion agreement Application
FEMA form page

  • Elevation Certificate
  • LOMA
Morgantown’s Floodplain Ordinance Ordinance
WV Flood Tool www.mapwv.gov/flood