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The principal focus of the Finance Department staff is to render professional and courteous service to the citizens and businesses of Morgantown. As the Finance Department is often the primary contact a resident or business taxpayer has with City personnel, the staff strives to make it a positive experience, while ensuring that all aspects of the City’s financial administration are performed in an efficient and equitable manner.

The Finance Department is also an integral component of the administrative structure of the City of Morgantown, rendering services in a staff capacity to the other City administrative and operating departments.

Quarterly Reports

FY 2014-15 First Quarter – end of September

FY 2013-14 Second Quarter – end of December

FY 2013-2014 Third Quarter – end of March

FY 2013-2014 Fourth Quarter – end of June

More Financial Reports

Business Licenses


All retail stores and restaurants, in addition to a variety of other businesses, located in the corporate limits of the City are required to have a business license. Find out more on how to start a business…


B&O Tax Returns

The main revenue source for West Virginia cities is the business and occupation tax generated by any commercial activity locate within the City limits.

Businesses choose which way to submit Tax returns:  either by downloading a .pdf and filling it out by hand, or downloading the new B & O Tax Worksheet in Microsoft Excel to keep for your own records.

Other Forms:


Fire Service Fee

The City Fire Service Fee was established to fund the maintenance of a paid Fire Department in the City of Morgantown. The annual service  fee is paid by all property owners in the City based on the square footage of buildings on the property.

This Fire Service Fee helps support the best-rated Fire Department in Monongalia County.  The Morgantown Fire Department is the only paid, professional fire department in the County, fully-staffed 24/7 at three locations.  By owning property within City Limits, you are provided with fire service you can depend on, all thanks to those who pay this fee.  Learn more about the Morgantown Fire Department.

The fee is .0766 cents per square foot on the total square feet of any structure. Buildings that include four or more stories are charged an additional .0484 cents on the square footage on floors 4 and above. Square footage includes all floors, finished attics, finished basements, garages (attached, detached, or in the basement), and outbuildings.

The billing cycle is based on a fiscal year (July 1 to June 30).

If you have questions about the Fire Service Fee, call 304-284-7417.


Change of Address Form

All address changes related to Fire Fees, Business & Occupation (B&O) Taxes, Business Licenses, Rental Registration and Renewal, Municipal Court Matters, and Parking Permits can complete and return this form to the Finance Department.