Fire Civil Service Commission

The Fire Civil Service is made up of one representative appointed by City Council, one from the Chamber of Commerce, and one from the local union. It meets as needed.

From the Rules & Regulations of the Fire Civil Service Commission of the City of Morgantown, west Virginia::

4.   It will be the duty of each member of the Firemen’s Civil Service Commission to acquaint themselves with these rules and regulations and, prior to any examination held by the Commission, to also acquaint themselves with any recent amendments to the Firemen’s Civil Service Law.


5.   Two members of the Commission shall constitute a quorum, provided that all three members have been notified of the meeting, for the transaction of business.  At least two members of the commission must supervise the written and oral examinations for appointment or promotions and determine those to be certified.  In the event there is a tie vote, when there are only two Commissioners present, the tie vote automatically tables said motion until all three members are present.

Board Members
Michael Jacks (D) Chamber of Commerce (term exp. 6/30/17)
Noel Hoffman (I) City (term exp. 6/30/19)
*Shane Mardis (R) IAFF Local #313 (term exp. 6/30/19)