Human Rights Commission

MHRC Logoorgantown City Council first established a Human Rights Commission in 2001.  The work of the Commission was redirected and reactived in 2012 following National League of Cities designation of Morgantown as an “Inclusive City” in 2006 and collaborative work of an Inclusive City Committee thereafter.

The purpose of the Human Rights Commission is to provide leadership for addressing community interaction and fairness concerns.  It works to ensure that the City is not only providing services, but maintaining ways in which a community can live together inclusively, functionally, and justly despite differences, complexities, and conflicts.  The Commission focuses on stewardship and service, but also on the quality of community life and the protection of the community from preventable unfair damage to the lives of individual citizens and families.

Click here to view a list of annual human rights observances.


Morgantown Human Rights Commission showed extraordinary leadership advocating for the fair and equal treatment for LGBT West Virginians earlier in 2015 when the members of the Commission unanimously passed resolutions in support of marriage equality and nondiscrimination. Every single member of the Morgantown City Council unanimously endorsed both resolutions.

The City Council also endorsed both a “Welcome Statement” and a “Resolution Supporting the Rights of Immigrants, Refugees, and Asylees” in May of 2017.


24/7 HR contact line: 304-225-3582

The Human Rights Commission meets monthly on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm in the Public Safety Building (300 Spruce Street) conference room.

2015 HRC Annual Report
2014 HRC Annual Report
Human Rights Needs Survey Report
Annual Human Rights Observances
Agendas & Minutes
HRC Establishing Ordinance
Internal Operating Procedures
Human Rights Classes at WVU

City Charter

Appointments of  to the Commission are made by City Council, and all must be residents of the City. All seats are non-ward specific. Upon formation in October 2012, terms are to be staggered: 4 shall serve two-year terms, 3 shall serve one-year terms in the first year. Thereafter, all terms will be staggered two-year terms. All new appointments and reappointments will need to be interviewed at the end of their term.


Billie Murray 10/2/2012 6/30/2017
David Saville 7/19/2016 6/30/2018
Kristen Cooper 8/4/2015 6/30/2017
Jan Derry
10/2/2012 6/30/2017
Judith Wilkinson 7/19/2016 6/30/2018
Marlene Savino
(Vice Chair)
7/19/2016 6/30/2018
Matthew Miller 7/19/2016 6/30/2018
Dave Bott Admin. Rep. indefinite
Tim Hairston State HRC Rep. indefinite