Planning Commission


To advise the City Manager and City Council on current and future land use planning and development issues, with meaningful citizen input and technical support from the Morgantown Planning Department.

Channel 15, the Morgantown Government Access Channel, broadcasts the Planning Commission live and is replayed throughout the following 5 days after each meeting on the following schedule:

  • Friday after meeting (next day) at 10:00 am and 2:00 pm
  • Saturday (3 days after meeting) at 4:00 pm
  • Following Monday (6 days after meeting) at 7:00 pm

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This, and other recorded meetings, can be viewed LIVE online and in the online archive:
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Planning Commission Minutes


Development Services Department
Third Floor, Office 14
City Hall
389 Spruce Street

The Planning Commission meets on the second Thursday of the month at 6:30 p.m. in Council Chambers.

2015 Annual Report

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City Charter

Members of the public may participate in an existing case before the Planning Commission in several ways:

  1. Provide a written submission (evidence such as reports, photographs, etc.) while the record is open. Evidence supporting the granting or denial of an application may be submitted to the Office of the Planning Division up to five (5) days prior to the public meeting. Written evidence submitted after the deadline cannot be considered by the Planning Commission unless the Commission President finds that good cause exists to admit additional evidence at the time of the hearing.
  2. Provide written comments for the public hearing. Written comments may be submitted to the Office of the Planning Division prior to the public meeting.  Written comments that are lengthy but not considered evidence should be submitted up to five (5) days prior to the public meeting to allow ample time to distribute them to members of the Planning Commission with sufficient time for review.
  3. Offer testimony during the public hearing portion at the Planning Commission meeting.  All speakers are limited to five (5) minutes.  If there is a large number of speakers, including many who are part of groups or organizations, the Commission President may, to avoid repetitive comments, elect to ask a representative to speak on behalf of the group or organization.


Commission Members
VACANT Administration
Bill Kawecki Council Representative (term exp. 06/30/17)
Sam Loretta First Ward (term exp. 12/31/17)
Tim Stranko Second Ward (term exp. 12/31/17)
William Blosser Third Ward (term exp. 12/31/19)
William Petros Fourth Ward (term exp. 12/31/18)
Mike Shuman Fifth Ward (term exp. 12/31/18)
Peter DeMasters, Chair Sixth Ward (term exp. 12/31/19)
Carol Pyles, Vice President Seventh Ward (term exp. 12/31/18)
VACANT Adminstration (term indefinite)



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