Police Civil Service Commission

Kevin Clark (I) F.O.P. (term exp. 5/31/18)
*Jerry Summers (R) Chamber of Commerce (term exp. 5/31/18)
Charles Chico (D) City Manager Appointment (term exp. 5/31/17)

The Police Civil Service Commission is made up of seven voting residents, one from each ward of the City.  This Commission aids to offer recommendations as they might apply to ward and boundary adjustments.

From the Rules & Regulations of the Police Civil Service Commission of the City of Morgantown, West Virginia:


Section 1.   At the first regular meeting held in January of each year, the Commission shall elect one of its members as president. It shall be the duty of the Commission to adopt, amend and enforce a code of rules for examinations for positions in the police service of the City of Morgantown and for the appointments and promotions therein, and it may amend the same from time to time or may temporarily suspend any of the provisions of the rules upon giving due notification and publication of such amendment or temporary suspension in the manner provided by law.  It shall supervise all examinations held under these rules to ascertain the fitness and merit of candidates for the service of the City of Morgantown Police Department and for promotions therein, in respect to ability, character and industry, shall estimate and determine the relative excellence or standing of the persons examined and shall certify the same as provided by general law.  It shall conduct such hearings as necessary in accordance with provisions of the general law, in all instances wherein charges have been brought or removal, reduction in rank, or suspension of a member of the Police Department is in question.