Urban Landscape Commission

Urban Landscapes Director Marchetta Maupin


The Urban Landscape Commission (formerly known as the Beautification Commission) meets on the fourth Wednesday of every month at 4:30 p.m. in the Public Safety Building Conference Room.

Agendas & Minutes
Mission Statement
Establishing Ordinance
6/12 Presentation
to City Council

City Charter


Promote an aesthetically attractive environment in the public and private sectors of the City of Morgantown.


  • Recommend and advocate aesthetic standards for public and private sector development
  • Serve as a resource to municipal organizations and entities to promote consistent design and maintenance standards
  • Maintain a plan for municipal urban landscape
  • Recommend and review projects throughout the city that involve landscaping and related aesthetic issues
  • Promote a healthy urban forest through the Morgantown Tree Board
  • Advocate urban landscape education initiatives via the local media and special events
  • Make recommendations and report activities to the City Council annually or as needed.
Marchetta Maupin City Admin/Ex-Officio (term indefinite)
Nancy Ganz Council Representative (term exp. 6/30/17)
-VACANT- Second Ward
-VACANT- FirstWard
-VACANT- Third Ward
 -VACANT- Fourth Ward
-VACANT- Fifith Ward
-VACANT- Sixth Ward
Joe Morris Seventh Ward (term exp. 7/1/17)
Bill MacDonald Botanist (term exp. 7/1/16)
Michael Hassenmyer Landscape Design (term exp. 7/1/17)
Melissa Burch BOPARC (term exp. 7/1/15)

This program is to acknowledge individuals and groups who have maintained public and / or private properties exceptionally well. Awards are given four times each year. Do you know someone that has done an outstanding job of beautifying their property?

Deadlines for quarterly awards:
(Application dates are flexible)
Spring Awards – April 15
Summer Awards – July 15
Fall Awards – October 15
Holiday Awards – December 1

Click here to nominate a person or group for the Proud of Our Town Award






























or download (pdf) a printed nomination and mail.
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Past Recipients Photos by Bob Gay, Dominion Post
Spring 2013: Annette Tanner (left), Jerry Steketee and Catherine Lozier, of the Morgantown Urban Landscape Commission, look at a 1991 watercolor of the home of Karl & Pam Yagle as they present the couple with the “Proud of our Town” award Monday to recognize their work on their home at 933 Vandalia Road.
Spring/Summer 2012: Wiles Hill Highland Park Neighborhood Association
Summer 2011: Advantage Health & Wellness
Fall 2010: Ashebrook Express Car Wash
Summer 2010: Woodburn Association of Neighbors
Spring 2010: Michelle Moore & Tom McClung
Winter 2010: Gene Perilli
Summer 2009: Jim Paul & Bobbie Cumpston
Spring 2009: Matt Hibbs
Summer 2008: Doris Kelly
Summer 2007: Zoe Romero
Spring 2007: Waterfront Partners Frank Alderman & Dr. Christian McCarter of Med Express
Summer 2006: Dixie & Bob DeSantis
Spring 2005: Ben & Florence Freedman

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  • Callen & South University Avenue
  • South University Avenue Park
  • Don Knotts Boulevard Islands
  • Wharf District Entrance
  • Caperton Trail Entrance
  • Clay and Donley Pocket Park
  • Upper Mon River Center Rain Garden
  • Marina Tower Trailside
  • Wharf Garage
  • Wharf Flower Baskets
  • Hazel Ruby McQuain Park
  • Westover Bridge Gateway
  • Lower Walnut Streetscape
  • Beechurst Avenue Flower Baskets
  • High Street Flower Baskets
  • Pleasant Street Flower Baskets
  • Pleasant & Chestnut Street, Parking Lot D Flowering Hayracks
  • Pleasant & Spruce Street, Parking Lot C Flowering Baskets
  • Chestnut & Fayette Street, Parking Lot B Flowering Basket
  • Chestnut Street Mini Park at K Garage
  • Chestnut Street PRT Containers
  • Public Safety Building
  • Aull Center, Garlow House
  • Morgantown Public Library Planters
  • Morgantown City Hall Planters & Flowering Baskets
  • Morgantown Marketplace Rain Garden
  • Parking Lot O, Spruce Street
  • High Street Bump outs (24)
  • Simpson St. & Wilson Avenue Triangle
  • South Park Bridge Garden (Volunteers)
  • Willey Street to Richwood Avenue Pedestrian Corridor
  • Woodburn Neighborhood Sign (Volunteers)
  • Brockway Avenue Hogback Turn Triangle (Volunteers)
  • Hart Field Sign
  • Morgantown Municipal Airport Terminal
  • Sabraton Welcome Sign Gateway
  • Protzman Bus Shelter (Volunteers)
  • Stewart & Willowdale Triangle
  • Krepps Pool House
  • University Avenue & Collins Ferry Road Triangle
  • University Avenue & Laurel Street Triangle (Volunteers)
  • University Avenue & Rotary Street, North & South (Volunteers)
  • Junior & Kiwanis Triangle (Volunteer)
  • Civitan & Lions Triangle (Volunteers)
  • Rebecca & Devon Triangle
  • Rebecca Circle (Volunteers)
  • Patteson Drive Buffer at Suncrest Plaza

The Urban Landscape Commission works cooperatively with the Tree Board. City-wide tree issues include inventory, hazardous trees, and new planting initiatives. The Tree Board has been successful in obtaining grant funds from the West Virginia Division of Forestry for the tree inventory, planting, and replacements.

Find details about the Tree Board and 2013:Year of the Tree on its page.