Woodburn School Redevelopment Commission

Chris Haddox, Chair

 The Woodburn School Redevelopment Commission meets on the last Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. in the former Woodburn Elementary School.

2014 Annual Report
Establishing Ordinance
Bylaws (Added 5/5/2014)
Morgantown Monthly Meeting Calendar

City Charter

The Woodburn School Redevelopment Commission was created by Morgantown City Council in September 2013. Seven members were appointed in December by Council to the new WSRC.  Its goal is to guide City decisions regarding the former Woodburn Elementary School, acquired by the City of Morgantown in 2013.

From the WSRC: Thanks to everyone who came out to the 1st Annual Woodburn Arts & Music Festival!  We really appreciate the Mountaineer Boys & Girls Club, Arts, Mon, the Woodburn Neighborhood Association, and Mario’s Fishbowl for their part in it.

The 1st Annual WAMF featured local artisans, talented musicians, and great food.

The 1st Annual WAMF featured local artisans, talented musicians, and great food.

Mary Angel Blount Member
Christina Byrne-Hoffman Secretary
Kerry Lilly Co-Chair
Chris Haddox Chair
Emily Vasile Member
Kevin Cross Member
Evan Fedorko Member
Marti Shamberger Council Member

2017 Agendas

2017 Meeting Notes

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