Morgantown Residents May Have Mistakenly Received Donation Requests from Star City VFW

The Morgantown Fire Department recently learned that City of Morgantown residents who live in the Suncrest and VanVoorhis Road areas of town may have been received donation mailers from Star City Volunteer Fire Department.

The letters, which ask for donations to help support the VFD, imply that the recipient’s residence is protected by Star City VFD, when the residence is already provided protection by the Morgantown Fire Department.

Morgantown Fire Department is a division of the City of Morgantown and is funded through a combination of the City’s general fund and fire service fees. The department does not utilize donation letters or rely on voluntary contributions to provide funding.

Residents who have received a letter and are unsure of which department provides fire protection to their home or property can contact the Morgantown Fire Department Administrative Division at (304) 284-7480 for clarification.

We apologize for any confusion this has caused.