Parking Spot of the Week: Chestnut Street

Chestnut Street Parking (5) 052813The City of Morgantown is featuring a PARKING SPOT OF THE WEEK each week this summer to show residents little-known, hidden, or usually free parking areas in the downtown area.

This week: Chestnut Street
Hour Metered Parking

Chestnut Street runs one way, south to north, parrellel to High Street. Parking is available from Foundry Street to Reid Street and is conveniently located near many popular downtown establishments. Students can park on Chestnut Street and walk right up to campus.  These spaces are just enough out of the way to be a golden spot right when you need one.

Also try Cashless Parking:  Cash Key is a programmable key that provides a convenient and cashless way to use the parking meters operated by the Morgantown Parking Authority. The CashKey can easily be carried on your key chain and eliminates the need to carry coins for meter parking.

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