Professional Tree Pruning Begins Tuesday

IMG_0638Professional tree pruning took place in Marilla Park on Tuesday and Wednesday, March 22 and 23. Arborists from Bartlett Tree Experts worked in the areas surrounding the tennis and basketball courts, pool, baseball field A, main parking lot and picnic area.

Arborists will also be out pruning on Thursday and Friday, March 24 and 25, in the following areas:

  • Chestnut Mini Park at K Garage, Chestnut Street
  • Richwood Avenue at Woodburn Community Center
  • Monongalia Avenue, between James and East Prospect
  • Ridgeway Avenue, between James and Harrison Street

They will prune around 50 trees under this contract.

The trees being pruned were chosen based on previous recommendations made by the USDA Forest Service and the WV Division of Forestry.

Bartlett Tree Experts will do work that includes removing dead, diseased or broken branches, removing low-hanging branches, conducting structural pruning to enhance the trees’ natural shape and form, and cleaning up the resulting debris from the site.

Pruning is an important part of tree care because it helps maintain a healthy urban forest; trees provide shade and urban cooling, and they help control storm water runoff, which reduces flooding.

It is also important to keep tree branches from hanging into pedestrian paths and roadways, as running into them can cause harm to both people and vehicles.

Residents should watch for signs indicating the areas in which arborists are pruning and avoid the immediate work area while pruning is in progress. Watch for falling branches and dust resulting from debris removal.

Mitchell’s Tree Care and Landscape Consulting will prune around 50 more trees in mid-April in Greenmont, Wiles Hill and South University Park under a separate contract. More information on that project will be released closer to its start date.

Both contractors used in these projects are ISA Certified by the International Society of Arboriculture, which is a requirement set forth by the Morgantown Tree Board.