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The City of Morgantown is working hard to turn around the recycling rates in the city. Its goal is to change the 80%-20% trash to recycling ratio around to 80% recycling, 20% trash, and uses the Clean Community Concept to get the job done.

Read about the Clean Community Concept and what changes are on the way for Morgantown in late 2012 and early 2013.

If you still have not received your green recycling toter, please email with your name and address.

Don’t know if you qualify to get one?  You must live within City Limits.  Check using the Morgantown Zoning Map here.

2012 78 tons
Total Tonnage Collected on Day 1 (January 7, 2013) 12 tons
First Week 35 tons
First Month 104 tons
First Quarter (January – March) 208 tons
Second Quarter (April-June) 225.18 tons
Third Quarter so far (July – September 1st)
155.9 tons
Total Collected since January 7 581.86 tons, or
1.168 million pounds


Curbside Pickup

Curbside recycling pick-up is available within the City of Morgantown through your regular trash collector, Republic Services. Recyclables can be set out on the day of regular trash pick-up by the curb in a blue recycling bin on alternating weeks each month. Morgantown recycling is picked up the same day your trash is picked up each week.

In December 2012, residents were delivered a large green toter, the same size as the current blue trash toters. This replaced the little receptacles that have been provided in the past.  If you wish to opt out of receiving this new toter, you will still be required to pay the fee increases that come along with this new program. The cost increase schedule can be found on page 31 of the new Republic Services Contract, found at the bottom of the Clean Community Concepts page.

City of Morgantown – Weekly Single-Stream Recycling Program

Morgantown’s Clean Community Concept Program is proud to present to the residents of Morgantown the Standard Weekly Recycling Service with the use of a 65-gallon cart for the collection of recycling.

Each resident will be issued a green 65-gallon cart for the Standard Weekly Recycling Service. There will be no change in solid waste collection with the issuing of recycling carts. Solid waste and recycling collection services will be once a week for each.

Morgantown residents will be responsible for the proper care of new carts. Allied/Republic will maintain ownership of carts and may charge for replacement or repair to carts if resident is found negligent.

Requests for repairs shall be made directly by calling or emailing Allied/Republic Waste at 1-304-366-8900 or

Single-Stream Recycling Program

That’s right – place all acceptable recycling materials into the cart without sorting.

file-extension-pdf-icon (2)Download the List of Acceptable and Unacceptable Items here. (.pdf)  Put it on your fridge, by your trashcan, or on the wall near the door!

Cardboard can be recycled by dropping off at the Monongalia County Community Recycling Center, located off of River Road on the Westover side of Monongahela River. (304-292-3801)

Republic Services services all of Morgantown with residential curbside recycling services in addition to residential garbage collection. Please note the following items of importance when placing out your garbage and/or recycling.

1. Trash/Recycables need to be placed at the curb on the evening before your regularly scheduled pickup day after 6PM.


3. Items such as Refrigerators/Air Conditioners will be accepted ONLY if properly tagged by certified technician that has removed the coolant.

4. Brush and carpet will be picked up curbside if cut in under 4ft lengths, tied, and bundled.

5. For an extra pickup of bulky items, please call our office for arrangements.

6. The following holidays are observed by Republic Services: NEW YEARS DAY, MEMORIAL DAY, JULY 4TH, LABOR DAY, THANKSGIVING DAY, AND CHRISTMAS DAY. Republic Services operates on a 1-day delay if any of the above holidays falls on a workday.


The West Virginia University’s Agricultural Department offers a mulch program at its animal farm on Stewartstown Road each day.


Mulch can be picked up at a cost is $5.00 per loader bucket.

Drop Off:

It accepts truckloads of clean chipped wood or vegetation by arrangement at 293-7092.

eWaste Recycling Program

Republic Services offers an eWaste Recycling program that picks up your electronic recycling right from your front step.  eWaste is picked up every other week in Morgantown, starting on January 8th in 2013.  Simply call the Fairmont Office at 304-368-7700 at least 24 hours in advance, and a truck will stop by your house Tuesday morning.

Recycling Outside of Morgantown

If you live in an area not serviced by curbside recycling, or if you have questions about other commodities not picked up at curbside contact the following agencies:

Monongalia County Solid Waste Authority – 304-292-3801

The Mon. County Solid Waste Authority has drop-off sites at:

Mountaineer Mall (near WalMart)

Morgantown Mall near K-mart enterance)

Star City (by dock at Edith Barill Riverfront Park)

Glenmark Center (between Lowes amd Pier One)

Mason-Dixon Historical Park (on Buckeye Road)

You can also deliver your recyclables to the Monongalia County Community Recycling Center (River Road on Westover side on Monongahela River).


Republic Services, formerly Republic Services, is the contracted trash and recycle collection company for the City of Morgantown.

Trash is picked up weekly at curbside for all areas except the high density WVU Student areas listed below.

Fairmont Headquaters 1-800-696-3173
Solid Waste Enforcement : Call Special Services Unit at 284-7505

Click here to view the Feb 2012 COTW Clean Community Concept Presentation on Recycling.

Click here to view the Mar 2012 COTW Clean Community Concept Presentation II on Solid Waste.

Click here to view the new Republic Services Contract, which Council held a First Reading of on June 19, 2012. (Public Hearing & Adoption set for July 3, 2012)

Holiday Schedule

Trash pickups will be one day later if the following holidays fall on a work day:

New Year’s Day Labor Day
Memorial Day Thanksgiving Day
Independence Day Christmas Day

Recycling Information

Information on Recycling can be found on the Recycling page.

City-wide Trash Laws

1139.03 Private Collectors Prohibited. Subscription to Municipal Service or City’s Designated Independent Contractor Required. No person, except the city or its designated independent contractor, shall engage in or conduct the business of collection, removal or disposal of solid waste within the City. All persons and corporations residing in and doing business within the City shall be required to subscribe to, take and pay for the service provided by the Department of Sanitations of the City, or if the City so chooses, its designated independent contractor.

1139.05 Storage of Garbage and Recyclables. No person shall deposit or store garbage in solid waste containers unless such garbage has been prepared for collection. Lids shall be kept on garbage containers at all times. Garbage and recyclable containers are not to be stored in front yards or on front porches of residence on a regular basis, where said containers can be viewed by the general public.

1139.06 Delivering Solid Waste Upon Private Property. No person shall deliver solid waste to or upon private property.

1139.08 Littering. Permitting premises to become unsanitary or hazardous. No person shall throw, place or scatter any solid waste or garbage, over or upon any premises, street or alley, either public or private, or adjacent thereto, and either with or without the intent to later remove or burn the same; or permit from the accumulation of solid waste or garbage, any premises owned, occupied or controlled by such person, to become or remain offensive, unsanitary, unsightly, unsafe to public health or hazardous from fire.

1139.12 Accessibility of Solid Waste and Recycling Containers. Solid waste and recycling containers may be placed at their pick – up site no earlier than 6:00 pm on the day before the scheduled day of collection and all empty containers shall be removed by 9:00 pm on the day of collection.

High Density Student Rental Trash District (Dowload a brochure on this area)

On September 6, 2005 The Morgantown City Council amended the ordinance regarding trash service in the “Trash District” formerly the “Everyday pick up area”. The new ordinance will be implemented during the Fall 2005 semester as the students return to class.

In this Trash District, BFI/Republic Services will be providing its customers with “Back Door Service”. This service will eliminate having trash bags or cans out on the streets. Residents in this District will be required to use a heavy-duty 90-gallon toter provided by BFI/Republic Services. The toters will be placed in the rear or side of the residence so it is out of view from the general public. The toters have serial numbers and they will be assigned by BFI/Republic Services to each customer.

No deposit will be required for the toter(s) if the customer participates in one of the following three (3) convenient methods to pay for services:

  1. Quick Pay – Credit Card information will be obtained and 3 months of service will be charged at the time of sign up. After sign up, the credit card will be automatically charged on a monthly basic thereafter.
  2. Payment for six months of service.
  3. Payment for the entire lease period If the lease is for 1 year the renter will be charged for 11 months of service. If lease is greater than 1 year, an adjustment will be made accordingly.

Trash in these areas will be picked up once a week with special backdoor service (toters stay along housing unit in a designated site) according to the following schedule:

Monday Pickups (Special District Only)

Grant Avenue (from 8th Street to Campus Drive)
6th Street (from Beverly to Beechurst Avenue)
7th Street (from Grant Avenue to Beechurst)
Beverly Avenue (from University Avenue to 6th Street)

Tuesday Pickups (Special District Only)

Pennsylvania Avenue (from Kingwood to Brockway Avenue)
Baird St. (Forest Avenue to end)
Forest Ave. (Spruce Street to end)
Dallas St. (Forest Avenue to Locust)
Locust Ave. (Dallas to Richwood Avenue)
Locust Ave. (Dallas to Pine)
Pine Ave. (Locust to Chapman)
Chapman St. (Pine to Gem)
Gem St. (Locust to Richwood Avenue)
Pearl St. (Richwood Avenue to Cass)
Cass St. (Allen to Battelle)
Allen Ave. (East Prospect to Snyder)
East Prospect St. (Richwood Avenue to Battelle)
Battelle Ave. (East Prospect to Cass)
Weaver St. (Richwood Avenue to Oak)
Snyder St. (Richwood Avenue to Union)
Garrison Ave. (Snyder to Oak)
Richwood Ave. (North Willey to Gem)

Wednesday Pickups (Special District Only)

North Willey St. (Spruce to Mansion)
Cornell Ave. (North Willey to College)
Price St. (North Willey to Cornell)
College Ave. (University to N. Willey)
Fife Ave. (Willey to North High)
Wells St. (Fife to End)
Naomi St. (Fife to Mansion)
Burke St. (Price to Naomi)
North Spruce St. (Willey to Fife)
Wiles St. (North Spruce to Price)
Glendon Ave. (Price to End)
Waverly St. (Price to North High)
Belmar St. (Price to North High)

Thursday Pickups (Special District Only)

University Ave. (College to Ensign)
Falling Run Rd. (University to End)
Protzman St. (Falling Run to Stewart)
Mason St. (Yoke to Protzman)
Yoke St. (Falling Run to Stewart)
Stewart St. (University to Protzman)
Campus Dr. (University to Beechurst)
Jones Ave. (North to University)
Lorentz Ave. (Stewart to Sharon)
Sharon Ave. (Jones to Lorentz)
Smith Ave. (Jones to Morgan)
Wellen St. (Stewart to Duquesne)
Duquesne Ave. (Wellen to Morgan)
Morgan St. (Duquesne to Highland)
Highland Ave. (Melrose to Stewart)
Raymond St. (Highland to Duquesne)
Quay St. (First to End)
Overhill St. (Jones to University)

Friday Pickups (Special District Only)

First St. (Jones to Stewart)
Carson St. (University to Mclane)
First St. (University to Mclane)
Second St. (University to Mclane)
Houston Dr. (University to Mclane)
Mclane Ave. (Campus to Eighth)
Beechust Ave. (Campus to Eighth)
Third St. (Beverly to Beechurst)
Fourth St. (Mclane to Beechurst)
Fifth St. (Mclane to Beechurst)

Student Move-Out Dumpster Program

The Student Move-Out Dumpster Program occurs in the weeks surrounding WVU Student Moveout in the Spring Semester.

When: May 3, 2013 thru May 14, 2013
Where: Grant Ave, Beverly Ave, McLane Ave, Willey St, Garrison St and Brockway Ave. The dumpsters will be removed starting Tuesday, May 14, 2013.

Who Can Participate: This program is open to WVU Students living in the toter areas and are billed and paid current to Republic Services. This clean up is not for students living in commercial dwellings or for landlord use. (Violators subject to $500 fine) Landlords are to make special arrangements for extra pick ups, fees apply. If you live in a commercial dwelling and the dumpster is full please contact the property mgr or landlord so they can arrange for an extra pick up. DO NOT pile trash in front or around containers as this may created an un-necessary delay in trash service.

Special Instructions: All trash is to be placed inside the dumpsters and not stacked outside. If the container is full the student should find another location.

** Any trash left at the residence for collection must be bagged/boxed and stacked curbside. Trash will not be collected unless it is curbside.

What will NOT be accepted: Carpet/tree limbs, construction materials, car parts, batteries, TVs, computers, air conditioners/refrigerators (unless tagged by certified technician), paints/other hazardous materials and tires. *Special Arrangements need made for these items; fees may apply.

** Landlords can call to schedule extra move out pick ups; fees apply.
For further questions concerning move out procedures contact a Republic Services Customer Rep at 304-366-8900 or 800-696-3173.

** Furniture or other household items that are re-usable are asked to be donated to the United Way Blue & Gold Mine Sale. Please visit to obtain information and to obtain a map of drop off locations nearest you.


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Dear Resident of the City of Morgantown:

The City of Morgantown has recently entered into a new five-year refuse and recycling contract with its current service provider, Republic Waste Services of West Virginia, formerly Republic Services Services. A noteworthy point of the new agreement is how the community can promote better recycling by its residents and businesses. For the past four years, many groups throughout the community participated in meetings to discuss and review solid waste and recycling service options for the residents and businesses. As a result, Morgantown’s City Council made a decision to implement a citywide automated “cart” recycling service. The program has been established as “Morgantown’s Clean Community Concept”.

Communities that moved to a “cart” recycling program have seen recycling participation increase by more than an astounding 25% and the actual materials recovered for reuse increase more than 85%.

Read the rest of the letter here.

Republic Services Customer Contract (effective October 2012)


Senior Citizens Only

Please contact Republic with the following information if you find that your recycling cart is far too big for the amount of recycling that you accumulate in a week period.

Name ___________________________________Phone ____________________

Address __________________________________________________________

I would like a 35-gallon recycling cart _______ (please mark with an “X”).
35-gallon carts are only available to Senior Citizens.

Print this portion with proof of age and return to Republic Services of West Virginia, #2 12th Street, Fairmont, WV 26554, or e-mail Form must be returned no later than October 5, 2012.


Click here to view the Feb 2012 COTW Clean Community Concept Presentation on Recycling.
Click here to view the Mar 2012 COTW Clean Community Concept Presentation II on Solid Waste.
Click here to view the new Republic Services Contract