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Green=Conditional Use Blue= Variance Yellow=Site Plan
Purple=Zoning Map Amendment Pin=Public Meeting on development Major Project

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This website is intended to provide advance notification of and access to information on matters that come before the Planning Commission (PC) and Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA). The City’s Planning & Zoning Code requires notification of property owners within two-hundred (200) feet of a site where certain land development and/or land use decisions are required by the PC or BZA. These notification letters can be viewed through the links provided below. Each letter includes a brief description of the project, related approvals, and notice of the PC or BZA public hearing.

Should you have any questions concerning the petitions noticed herein or require special accommodations to attend a PC or BZA hearing, please call the Planning Department at 304-284-7431. Written comments may be submitted to this email address or by mail to Planning Department, 389 Spruce Street, Morgantown, WV 26505.

Agendas for hearings noticed herein and related staff reports are posted on the City’s website approximately one week before the meeting.

Channel 15, the Morgantown Government Access Channel, broadcasts the PC and BZA meetings live.  Click here for a full meeting reair schedule.

This, and other recorded meetings, can be viewed LIVE online and in the online archive:
Streaming and Archived Videos

Last month’s Neighborhood Notice Results can be found here.

Notice PC or BZA Decision Posted Date
First Ward (Chancery Hill, South Park)
 V16-23 / The Vapor Hut, LLC / 250 Retail Circle BZA 8/17/16 7/22/16
 V16-24 / Sheetz, Inc. / 21 Asturias Lane BZA 8/17/16 7/22/16
Second Ward (Greenmont, South Park)
 V16-22 / Rubenstein / 308 Grand Street BZA 8/17/16 7/22/16
 CU14-09 / DiMarco / 91 Grandview Avenue BZA 8/17/16 7/22/16
 V16-28 / Cashland Pawn / 530 Brockway Avenue BZA 8/17/16 7/22/16
Third Ward (Wiles Hill, Highland Park, Sunnyside, Downtown)
 V16-27 / Saffron Indian Cuisine Restaurant / 268 High Street BZA 8/17/16 7/22/16
Fourth Ward (Suncrest, Evansdale, Sunnyside)
 V16-21 / Boost Mobile / 749 Chestnut Ridge Road BZA 8/17/16 7/22/16
Fifth Ward (Woodburn, Price Street)
Sixth Ward (Greenmont, South Park, Jerome Park, Sabraton, South Hills)
 MJS16-01 / Stonehurst, LLC / Buckhannon Avenue –
PC 8/11/16 7/22/16
 V16-25 / Davis / 2060 Eugenvia Avenue BZA 8/17/16  7/22/16
Seventh Ward (Suncrest)
 RZ16-05 / South Baptist Convention – Home Mission Board of Trustees / 
519 Burroughs Street
PC 8/11/16 7/22/16
 V16-26 / Smith / 798 Morgan Avenue BZA 8/17/16 7/22/16
Other Projects