Last Month’s Results

April Results

These action letters are the results of decisions made by the Planning Commission and the Board of Zoning Appeals, both a part of Development Services.

Notice Action Letter Posted Date
First Ward (Chancery Hill, South Park)
V17-04 / Rising Sun Construction, LLC / 1205 Avalon Street WITHDRAWN  4/26/17
Second Ward (Greenmont, South Park)
Third Ward (Wiles Hill, Highland Park, Sunnyside, Downtown)
  V17-05 / Ty Anderson / 669 Afton Street  WITHDRAWN 4/26/17
Fourth Ward (Suncrest, Evansdale, Sunnyside)
Fifth Ward (Woodburn, Price Street)
Sixth Ward (Greenmont, South Park, Jerome Park, Sabraton, South Hills)
  RZ17-02 / Good / 208 Putnam Street  Action Letter 4/26/17
Seventh Ward (Suncrest)
Other Projects