Neighborhood Associations

There are currently nine Neighborhood Associations within the City and one Business Association.

Evansdale Neighborhood Association
First Ward Neighborhood Association
Greenmont Neighborhood Association
Jerome Park Neighborhood Association
Norwood Addition Neighborhood Association
South Hills Neighborhood Association
South Park Association of Neighbors
Suncrest Neighborhood Association
Wiles Hill/Highland Park Neighborhood Association
Woodburn Association of Neighbors

Visit the Morgantown City Calendar for the most up-to-date neighborhood association meeting times and locations.

The Neighborhood Newsletter is where you’ll find out when the next meetings are held, what news affects you and your part of town, and what volunteer opportunities there are for you and your neighbors!

Morgantown has a strong neighborhood association network. This page is intended to share neighborhood-specific information for each of Morgantown’s communities and give them an outlet for events, programs, and information to be shared with their residents.

Each month, on the second Monday at 7 p.m., the Neighborhood Coordinating Council meets in Council Chambers to discuss initiatives and get insight from Morgantown Police officers who patrol their neighborhoods. If you attend a regular Neighborhood Association meeting, please consider joining us to see how other Associations are working and share ideas for more fulfilling neighborhoods and a better quality of life for all.