BOPARC Facilities

The Board of Parks and Recreation Commissioners, or BOPARC, has many parks, facilities, and programs available in the Morgantown Area!Flush Left Two Line_Spot

Marilla Park features a Recreation Center, tennis courts, a full skate park, and a pool with two large and twisting water slides.

Krepp’s Park is home to a pool with a great kids play area, campsites, a dog park, and baseball fields where the local kids’ teams compete.

The Morgantown Ice Arena is home to the Mason-Dixon Figure Skating Club, the Morgantown Hockey Association and West Virginia University’s two club teams.  The season runs until April 1.  Then the ice is drained and it’s a sports court during the summer.

For seniors, the Wiles Hill Senior Recreation Center offers Wednesday lunches and lunch trips,  games, and several types of senior exercise opportunities.

These are just some highlights.  See the full list here.

BOPARC Commissioners

Frank Scafella 7/7/1998 6/30/2019
Nancy Ganz 1/19/2010 6/30/2018
Edward Cordwell 6/29/1985 6/30/2015
Ron Justice 10/4/2005 6/30/2017
Marti Shamberger 8/2/2011 6/30/2015
Robert Clonch 6/21/2005 6/30/2017
Denver Allen 1/19/2010 6/30/2017