Morgantown Biking & Walking Trails

Photo by Sue Amos

The City of Morgantown is well known for great sporting events at Mountaineer Field or the Coliseum, great performing arts at the Creative Arts Center (CAC), businesses in the historic downtown, and our excellent parks system. But, Morgantown will be known in the future for the newly developed Pedestrian Walking and Recreational Trails System. Two main trails traverse Morgantown: The Caperton Trail (named after the former Governor of West Virginia, Gaston Caperton) and the Decker’s Creek Trail. Together, these two trails provide nearly 10 miles of paved fun. The paved trails also connect into a bigger trail system that provide an additional 23 miles of crushed limestone trails.



To view up-to-date information and maps ofthe trails, see the Mon River Trails Conservancy web site.

Click here to view a full-sized Trail map.

The Caperton Trail

The Caperton Trail includes 6 miles of paved surface perfect for walking, rollerblading, strolling, and biking. The trail travels along the Monongahela Riverfront adjacent to West Virginia University, Hazel Ruby McQuain Park and Amphitheater, the preserved Historic Train Depot, and Historic Downtown Morgantown.
Businesses have begun to take advantage of the trails as well. Commercial locations along the trail cater to the walking, and biking population. Outdoor patios, bike rentals, and cool drinks (great for those hot days, or long walks). The Caperton Trial is the urban part of the larger Mon River Trail which is a flat crushed limestone scenic rail-trail that runs from the Pennsylvania state line to Prickett’s Fort State Park.

The Deckers Creek Trail

This trail offers an 1,000 ft. incline over 19 miles. It begins at Hazel Ruby McQuain Riverfront park and parallels Decker’s Creek into Reedsville. The trail includes nearly three miles of paved surface travelling through Morgantown and continues south of the City with a crushed limestone surface.

For information on all of West Virginia’s walkable, rideable, enjoyable trails, visit the West Virginia Rails to Trails Council website.

How to Hold a Walk or Run on the Trails

BOPARC Facilitates trail walks and runs for various organizations and does so by scheduling such events on our master calendar in order to avoid duplication of planned routes and organize our own maintenance staff for litter sweep and post event inspection. Read more from BOPARC about how to rent the trails for your walk or run, or call (304) 296-8356 to plan your event.

Rail Trail Safety and Etiquette

Provided by the Morgantown Bicycle Board.
Trail etiquette is an important part of making the trail safe and enjoyable for everyone. It is very important that we are alert to each other and our surroundings and that we make every attempt to alert others when we are passing.

Here are a few reminders on this point:

  • Earbuds / earphones are gaining in popularity. Please keep the music low enough that you can hear when others are trying to alert you when passing. Choose not to wear them on the trail or just one side so that you can be aware of others.
  • Cyclists need to slow down on urban trail where there are more access areas, trail users, and more people that are new to the trail.
  • Stay on the right, and pass on the left.
  • When passing, yield to oncoming trail users.
  • Alert others when passing, saying “Passing on the left.” Or Ring a Bell, Or both.
  • If you need to stop, move off the trail so that others may pass.
  • Yield to other trail users when entering and crossing the trail.
  • Keep dogs to the right and on a short leash.

Consider exploring areas outside the city limits- Uffington Trailhead, Opekiska Trailhead, Pricketts Fort Trailhead, Mellons Chapel Trailhead, Masontown Trailhead, and Reedsville Trailhead.

More information and maps on the rail trails can be found at