Urban Deer Archery Hunt

2016 Thermal Infrared Imaging White-tailed Deer Survey Report

The Morgantown City Council has approved the use of Urban Deer Archery Hunts as a way to reduce the deer population in and around the community after the Urban Deer Committee explored alternatives, made recommendations to City Council, and completed an aerial deer count. It also helps feed homeless by providing donations of venison to local kitchens and shelters. The following resources are provided to make sure residents are aware of all aspects of the Urban Deer Archery Hunt.

We understand that a hunt may not be every resident’s first choice when controlling deer population. For those interested, we are compiling resources to educate citizens about how to create a deer-resistant yard or property. These can be found at the bottom of the page under “Preventative Measures.”

2015 Urban Deer Archery Hunt

Due to the reduced deer population in the City, seventy-eight hunters who participated last year were selected for the 2016 Urban Deer Archery Hunt. The hunt begins Sept. 3.

 Year Hunters Deer Taken Venison Donated
 2011  67  45 400 lbs
 2012  77  118 1,617 lbs
 2013  90  137 1,831 lbs
2014 88 105 853 lbs.
2015 88


May 2010 Urban Deer Committee recommendations to City Council, Appendices

Aerial Study and Deer Count, Appendix

City Ordinance adopting section 505.18: Urban Deer Management

Preventative Measures

Many residents have discussed the impact of a large deer population on planting gardens and flowers on their property. The following alternative resources are provided in an effort to reduce the impact of deer on plants.