West Virginia Governor Addresses Crowds at WVU

Governor Jim Justice, his staff, and West Virginia University President Gordon Gee spoke in front of hundreds of people on Wednesday, April 29 in the Mountainlair’s Blue and Gold Ballroom.

The Governor’s staff spoke about the Save Our State (SOS) initiative, how they plan to fix transportation issues in not only the City of Morgantown, but the entire state, and healthcare. WVU President Gordon Gee spoke about the decline of jobs, the fact that education fuels our citizenry, and he urged West Virginia residents and state officials to support and invest in education before introducing the Governor.

Governor Justice spoke “what’s in his heart” to the crowd, sharing personal stories and explaining his views on balancing this year’s budget, a task the State Legislature had only 10 days to complete at the time. The Governor also said he is hoping that they are able to get out of the ordinary procedures to balance the budget and “quit running the same plays,” as he put it.

Several representatives from the City of Morgantown, including City Manager Paul Brake, attended the event.