Go Green Morgantown (Year to Go Green)

On January 4, 2016, the Morgantown City Council unanimously declared 2016 to be the Year to Go Green: Path to a Cleaner Morgantown.  The Year to Go Green (YTGG) was initially proposed by the Morgantown Municipal Green Team and Friends of Deckers Creek. As 2016 closed, the Green Team decided to continue its efforts with Go Green Morgantown

Go Green Morgantown provides a framework within which a wide range of individuals, households, businesses, community groups, city committees and advisory boards, and other organizations can take action toward a cleaner Morgantown.

What is the Year to Go Green?

This yearlong citywide focus on clean airclean waterclean energygreen space was created with the goals of:

  • Opening dialogue across the community
  • Unifying efforts toward environmental sustainability in the Morgantown area
  • Promote money-saving investments in sustainability
  • Encourage involvement of the wider Morgantown community

Letter to Citizens from Mayor

YTGG Window Placard


How Can You Get Involved?  

  • Go green yourself to help the City progress towards a cleaner, safer, healthier, and greener community
  • Create dialogue on what more needs to get done—participate or organize a community forum as part of yearlong Year to Go Green series to engage Morgantown on a range of important current environmental issues
  • Plan and hold other activities and events—or shape those already planned—to help promote sustainability of our air, water, energy, and land
  • Educate the community through How-To Workshops, Talks, Printed and Online Info, etc. on how homes and businesses can save money by becoming greener, healthier, and safer

Check Out the Go Green Morgantown Calendar for the Latest Events, Activities, and Workshops.

  • Stay up-to-date on green events in the Morgantown area.
  • Post your own activities and events by contacting the organizers

Join the Conversation on Facebook

  • Talk with your neighbors; Ask questions; find out what other people are doing.

Join the Green Business Coalition

  • Any business can join for free regardless of current business practices.
  • Our goal is to open dialogue about sustainability and how you can save by going green.
  • By filling out the checklists online, your business can benefit from positive publicity, advice on becoming more sustainable, and a Shop at Green Business Day. Your answers to the checklist will remain anonymous

Contact the Year to Go Green Organizers on How You or Your Organization Can Get Involved.

  • You may do so in a variety of ways in the coming year!
  • Organize an event, community forum, or other activity related to your environmental concern.
  • Contact YTGG organizers (see contact info below) to discuss ideas. Post your event or activity on the Year to Go Green Calendar.

Who Are the Go Green Morgantown! Organizers?

Holly Purpura
Executive Director, Friends of Deckers Creek
holly@ deckerscreek.org


Pamela Cubberly
Morgantown Municipal Green Team


Joey James
Staff Scientist, Downstream Strategies