Employee Holidays

Paid Holidays

The following days are declared paid holidays at the regular rate of pay for all non Civil Service City employees:
  • The 1st day of January (New Year's Day)
  • The 3rd Monday of January (Martin Luther King's Birthday)
  • The last Monday of May (Memorial Day)
  • The 4th day of July (Independence Day)
  • The 1st Monday of September (Labor Day)
  • The 4th Thursday of November (Thanksgiving Day)
  • The 4th Friday of November (day after Thanksgiving)
  • The 24th day of December (Christmas Eve, ½ Day)
  • The 25th day of December (Christmas Day)
  • The 31st day of December (New Year's Eve, ½ Day)
  • National, State, primary, general, and City Council municipal elections.
Civil service employees shall receive holidays as specified in West Virginia State Code 2-2-1.