Code Enforcement

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Housing Inspections

The first housing inspections were conducted in 1979 in response to concerns about the safety of rental units in times of emergency, with around 3,500 units in operation at the time. From 1979 until 1989, the City of Morgantown followed codes that were written by city officials and approved by City Council. In 1989, the State of West Virginia adopted its first official written housing code, which the City of Morgantown also adopted. Today, the Code Enforcement Department follows the guidelines set out by the International Code Council.


The main concern of Code Enforcement is to ensure buildings and rental units are safe for occupation. This is done through the:

  • Issuance of building permits for new construction
  • Demolition permits for the safe destruction of existing structures
  • Property maintenance inspections
  • Routine rental housing inspections


Code Enforcement employs 4 building inspectors, 4 rental housing inspectors, and 2 compliance officers to ensure the safety of the citizens and residents of Morgantown.


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