The Engineering Department is responsible for the design, supervision and inspection of all street, highway, sidewalk and bike path construction, management of city public right-of-ways; and the preparation and carrying out of traffic and crash analysis studies.


To resist favoritism and to let new companies get the same opportunities as our usual vendors, any bids that the City of Morgantown is seeking can be found on the bids and RFP webpage here.

Find the results from recent bids here.

Engineering Permits

The Engineering Department issues various permits that involve construction work on city public right-of-way. View the city's Engineering Permit applications here.

Standard Specifications

The Engineering Department's Standard Specifications incorporate state and local construction codes, lessons learned from past experiences, best practices, and industry guidelines. View the city's Standard Specifications here.

Floodplain Administration

The Engineering Department is charged with regulating the City of Morgantown's floodplain areas. View more information about floodplains or view the floodplain map here.

Paving and Street Maintenance

The Engineering Department resurfaces several miles of Morgantown streets each year. Resurfacing is scheduled five years in advance through a carefully organized selection process. The plan is revisited every three years and adjusted as needed. Visit the Paving Plan webpage here.

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