Safety & Etiquette

Rail Trail Safety & Etiquette

Provided by the Morgantown Bicycle Board.
Trail etiquette is an important part of making the trail safe and enjoyable for everyone. It is very important that we are alert to each other and our surroundings and that we make every attempt to alert others when we are passing.

Here are a few reminders on this point:
  • Earbuds / earphones are gaining in popularity. Please keep the music low enough that you can hear when others are trying to alert you when passing. Choose not to wear them on the trail or just one side so that you can be aware of others.
  • Cyclists need to slow down on urban trail where there are more access areas, trail users, and more people that are new to the trail.
  • Stay on the right, and pass on the left.
  • When passing, yield to oncoming trail users.
  • Alert others when passing, saying "Passing on the left." Or Ring a Bell, Or both.
  • If you need to stop, move off the trail so that others may pass.
  • Yield to other trail users when entering and crossing the trail.
  • Keep dogs to the right and on a short leash.

Trails Outside City Limits

Consider exploring areas outside the city limits:
  • Masontown Trailhead
  • Mellons Chapel Trailhead
  • Opekiska Trailhead
  • Pricketts Fort Trailhead
  • Reedsville Trailhead
  • Uffington Trailhead
More information and maps on the rail trails can be found at the Mon River Trails Conservancy website.