Mon Riverfront Revitalization Task Force

Agenda and Minutes

Please contact the MRRTF for agendas and minutes by emailing Jessica McDonald.


The Morgantown Riverfront Revitalization Task Force offers input on the enhancement of the city's riverfront for recreation, economic growth, aesthetics, public health, and ecological productivity; coordinated plans and interests affecting the riverfront; and serves as a unified advising voice to city management.


A vibrant, multi-use riverfront that offers a variety of amenities, is accessible to visitors, andis frequently used by a wide cross-section of the community.


  1. Make sure people know about the Wharf District and Morgantown's riverfront and can easily get to it
  2. Provide maps and visitor information so users can easily locate riverfront amenities
  3. Provide a variety of reasons to visit the Wharf District and the riverfront
  4. Make a space that people enjoy once they are there