What about the Southside Trail?

The Southside Trail will be constructed within the next year along the southern boundary of the Cobun Reservoir. The trail is part of an agreement with MUB to expand the trail network in White Park following the installation of the raw water pipeline. The Southside Trail is a pilot for how trail construction serves to clean up a landscape with limited areas of contamination while enhancing recreational activities.

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1. What is a Brownfield?
2. What is the Voluntary Remediation Program?
3. Why is the City now taking the lead on cleanup efforts?
4. What is the cost?
5. What about the reservoir?
6. Are there any hazards to people currently using the park?
7. What is the timeline?
8. What about the Southside Trail?
9. What about the rest of the old tank farm?
10. Should I be concerned that my house or property is within the boundary of the old tank farm?