What is the Voluntary Remediation Program?

The WVDEP created the VRP in 1996 to encourage redevelopment of existing sites rather than development of pristine land. Going through the VRP will enable the city to do a complete assessment of White Park, clean up any identified contamination or areas of concern, and develop plans that will guide all future activity on the site. Completion of the program will ensure any clean up of White Park follows the latest state and federal health and environmental regulations, with activities led by Licensed Remediation Specialists overseen by the WVDEP. 

You can learn more about the program on the WVDEP’s website.

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1. What is a Brownfield?
2. What is the Voluntary Remediation Program?
3. Why is the City now taking the lead on cleanup efforts?
4. What is the cost?
5. What about the reservoir?
6. Are there any hazards to people currently using the park?
7. What is the timeline?
8. What about the Southside Trail?
9. What about the rest of the old tank farm?
10. Should I be concerned that my house or property is within the boundary of the old tank farm?