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Application to Serve on City Boards and Commissions

  1. Welcome to the First Step in Serving Your Community!
    Thank you for your interest in serving on a board or commission with the City of Morgantown. Upon completion of the interest form your application will be reviewed and evaluated. When seats become vacant on the board or commission of your interest we will reach out to you with additional information. Thank you once again for your interest in serving on a board or commission!

    Christine Wade
    Morgantown City Clerk
  2. Appointment Process

    The general process for selecting candidates for appointment to boards and commissions for the City of Morgantown is as follows:

    • A citizen expresses an interest in serving on a board or commission.
    • The citizen reviews the list of boards and commissions, and views the information about the group before applying. When ready, the citizen applies using the application available on this page.
    • City Council members, along with the City Clerk’s office, are immediately notified when applications are received. A list of interested candidates is kept on each board or commission. As applications are received they are reviewed and the individuals' names are added to that particular board or commission list.
    • When a vacancy occurs on these boards, the clerk will search the lists, and the interested candidates are notified when City Council would like to interview them for consideration of appointment.
    • Nominations and appointments are made at regular city council meetings by City Council.
    • Following appointment to a board or commission, the individual is notified by email of the appointment. Information includes the length of term, expiration date and a contact person.

    Our boards and commissions are a valued resource to our City. Thank you once again for your interest in serving.

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  7. Submit resumes and other pertinent information to: City Clerk, 389 Spruce Street, Room 10, Morgantown, WV. 26505. Applications will remain on file in the City Clerk's Office for 6 months.
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