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Forms Abandoned Vehicle (Private Property)
Forms Abandoned Vehicle (Public Property, Street)
Forms Accessibility Request
Forms Adopt-a-City Street
Forms Adopt-a-Trail
Forms Airport IT Support Request
Forms Animal Abuse
Forms Animal Waste or Foul Odor
Forms Arson Hotline - Anonymous Report
Forms Barking Dog and/or Nuisance Animal(s)
Forms BOPARC Landscaping
Forms BOPARC Playground Equipment Maintenance
Forms BOPARC Property Mowing Request
Forms Building Code Information
Forms Building Maintenance Request
Forms Business and Occupation (B&O)
Forms Business License Information
Forms Business Tax and Fee Information
Forms Channel 15
Forms City Garage IT Support Request
Forms City Hall IT Support Request
Forms City Service Comments
Forms Construction Project Inquiry
Forms Criminal Hotline - Anonymous Report
Forms Crosswalk Maintenance/ Request a New Crosswalk
Forms Curb Painting
Forms Dead Animal Removal
Forms Drainage Problem
Forms Employee and Retiree Health Benefits
Forms Fire Code Questions
Forms Fire Department IT Support Request
Forms Fire Department Public Relations/Education Request
Forms Fire Department Tours
Forms Fire Fees
Forms Fire Hazard Concerns
Forms Fireworks and Explosives Permits and Information
Forms Float Inspections
Forms Garbage Service Issues
Forms Handicapped Parking Request
Forms Inappropriate/or Disorderly Public Behavior
Forms IT Hardware/Software Request (CH, FD)
Forms IT Hardware/Software Request (PD, Court, Garage, Airport)
Forms New Street Light Request
Forms Password Reset
Forms Patrol Request
Forms Permitted Uses of Property
Forms Pre-Planning Fire Service
Forms Private Property Maintenance
Forms Public Records Request
Forms Public Safety Building IT Support Request
Forms Rail Trail Maintenance
Forms Recurring Parking Problems
Forms Renovations/Additions to Existing Structures
Forms Rental Property Inquiries and Complaints
Forms Report a Problem Fence
Forms Reporting Shoes on Overhead Lines
Forms Request for New Address
Forms Safety Training
Forms Sidewalk Repair and Requests for New Sidewalks
Forms Sight Zone Problems
Forms Sign Violation
Forms Snow/Ice/Debris on Sidewalk
Forms Speeding or Reckless Driving
Forms Stray Animal
Forms Street Light Repair
Forms Street Maintenance and Potholes
Forms Street Signs
Forms Temporary Use Permit
Forms Traffic Signal Problem
Forms Trash and Debris In/On Street or Roadway
Forms Trash and Debris on Private Property
Forms Trash or Litter on a BOPARC Property
Forms Tree or Shrub Trimming
Forms Unlicensed Business
Forms Unopened Rights-of-Way
Forms User Password Reset (City Hall, MFD)
Forms User Password Reset (Police, Municipal Court, Airport, City Garage).
Forms Vacant Lot Maintenance
Forms Vacant Property Security Checks/House Watch
Forms Vandalism and Graffiti Complaints
Forms Volunteer for Boards and Commissions
Forms Zoning Information
Forms Zoning Violations