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Welcome to Morgantown 311

The City of Morgantown is using SeeClickFix under the title "Morgantown 311", an online and mobile service request system, to power its mobile app and reporting forms. SeeClickFix is an application that allows City of Morgantown citizens to report non-emergency related issues to the city. SeeClickFix can be used via the Web on a desktop computer, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet.

SeeClickFix is a public application. The description entered will be visible to the public. Your display name will also be visible unless you choose to submit as Anonymous. Your email address will never be displayed publicly.

  • Abandoned Vehicle
  • ADA Accessibility Concern
  • Adopt a City Street
  • Animal Abuse
  • Animal Waste/Foul Odor
  • Arson Report Hotline
  • Changes to Existing Structures
  • Criminal Report Hotline
  • Crosswalk Maintenance
  • Curb Painting
  • Dead Animal
  • Garbage Service Issues
  • Leaf Vac
  • Parking Complaints
  • Patrol Requests
  • Pre-Planning Fire Service
  • Property Maintenance Issue
  • Public Records Requests
  • Rental Property Complaints
  • Rental Property Inquiries
  • Report a Zoning Violation
  • Report an Unlicensed Business
  • Report Graffiti
  • Report Vandalism
  • Requests for House Watch
  • Requests for New Address
  • Requests for Zoning Information
  • Safety Training
  • Sidewalk Repair
  • Sight Zone Problems
  • Snow/Ice/Debris on Sidewalk
  • Stray Animal
  • Street Light Requests
  • Street Maintenance & Potholes
  • Street Sign Repair/Replacement
  • Tree/Shrub Trimming
Morgantown 311

Submitting Your Request

  • Download the Morgantown 311 app, visit the web portal, or use the widget below.
  • Choose a request category that best fits your concern.
  • Select the location of the issue.
  • Add a photo and description of the issue (optional).
  • Send the request.