Personnel Board


Suzanne Gosden Kitchen June 30, 2026
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The Personnel Board Responsibilities are:
  • Grievance procedures, including procedures for the hearing of grievances by the Personnel Board, which may render advisory opinions based on its findings to the City Manager with a copy to the employee;
  • Provide advice and guidance to all City officials, department heads and supervisors as necessary for the administration of the City personnel system.
  • The City Manager will provide necessary staff assistance for the Personnel Board and will also provide advise and guidance to the personnel system.

Establishing Ordinance

Section 4.05. Personnel System

(a) Program and Board. The City Manager or persons assigned by him shall be responsible for implementing a sound personnel program for the City. There shall be a Personnel Board consisting of three members appointed by the Council for terms of three years from among the qualified voters of the City. Members of the Board shall hold no other City office The City Manager shall provide necessary staff assistance for the Personnel Board.