Stay Connected

Alerts and Email Notifications

Stay informed with email and text messaging on a wide range of topics through Notify Me, our eNotification system. It includes special project notifications, news, emergency alerts, events, agendas, and minutes. 

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Notify Me allows citizens to:

  • Build a profile
  • Subscribe and unsubscribe to unlimited number of lists
  • Receive HTML or text email
  • Receive text messages
  • Subscribe with double opt-in confirmation


Council Connection

The Council Connection is a digital digest of the most recent Morgantown City Council meeting. It includes information and action items from the meeting along with a complete calendar schedule of the upcoming public meetings and events.

Sign up for the Council Connection here.

Morgantown Messenger

Stay in the know by signing up for the Morgantown Messenger; a community enewsletter featuring information about the City of Morgantown municipal government and its neighborhoods. The Morgantown Messenger includes info on upcoming events, public safety, and more!

Sign up for the Morgantown Messenger here.

Morgantown Mobile

The City of Morgantown has partnered with CivicPlus to give residents easier access to city information and stay connected with the local government. Download the Morgantown Mobile app for easier access to the city information. The Morgantown Mobile app is available for free from Google Play. For iPhone users, go to the Apple App Store and download the Civic Plus app and select Morgantown as your location.

Live & On Demand Video Streaming

Viebit is the city's service provider for live and on demand video streaming over the internet. It provides meeting videos for all policy making public meetings that occur in Council Chambers (see Public Meeting Calendar).

Social Media

The City of Morgantown posts informational pieces, city news, and safety procedures on its YouTube page. City news, current road closures, emergency releases and more are updated on the city's social media pages through Facebook and Twitter daily.