Urban Landscapes

2019 Project Site List:

    Aull Center, Garlow House
    Brockway Avenue Hogback Turn Triangle (Volunteers)
    Callen and South University Avenue
    Caperton Trail Entrance
    Chestnut and Fayette Street, Parking Lot B Flowering Basket
    Chestnut Street Mini Park at K Garage
    Chestnut Street PRT Containers
    Civitan and Lions Triangle (Volunteers)
    Clay and Donley Pocket Park
    Hart Field Sign
    Hazel Ruby McQuain Park
    High Street Bump outs (24)
    High Street Flower Baskets
    Junior and Kiwanis Triangle (Volunteer)
    Krepps Pool House
    Lower Walnut Streetscape
    Marina Tower Trailside
    Morgantown Marketplace Rain Garden
    Morgantown Municipal Airport Terminal
    Morgantown Public Library Planters
    North Side Fires Station
    Parking Lot O, Spruce Street
    Patteson Drive Buffer at Suncrest Plaza
    Pleasant and Chestnut Street, Parking Lot D Flowering Hayracks
    Pleasant and Spruce Street, Parking Lot C Flowering Baskets
    Pleasant Street Flower Baskets
    Protzman Bus Shelter (Volunteers)
    Public Safety Building
    Rawley Lane Pedestrian Corridor
    Rebecca and Devon Triangle
    Rebecca Circle (Volunteers)
    Sabraton Welcome Sign Gateway
    Simpson Street and Wilson Avenue Triangle
    South University Avenue Park
    Stewart and University Greenspace
    Stewart and Willowdale Triangle
    University Avenue and Collins Ferry Road Triangle
    University Avenue and Laurel Street Triangle (Volunteers)
    University Avenue and Rotary Street, North and South 
    Upper Mon River Center Rain Garden
    Wall Street/Sadie Crow Wall
    Westover Bridge Gateway
    Wharf District Entrance
    Wharf Flower Baskets
    Wharf Garage
    Willey Street to Richwood Avenue Pedestrian Corridor
    Woodburn Neighborhood Sign (Volunteers)

Hanging Baskets and Project Sites